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Prop Hunt by zxz [Hide&Seek]
[Release] Prop Hunt by zxz (Updated)


Creator: zxz
Co Creator: ezr

Thanks to:
ppl at se7ensins


* 5. September
If you are dead you can now press melee button for freelook
Seekers have now random secondary weapons



Desert Eagle No Ammo
No Falldamage
Cold blooded + pro
Ninja + pro
Choose models/props

Hiders have a menu where they can choose a model. The model of themselves will be hidden and only the choosen model displayed. They can kill seekers, just switch to first person and knife them. Hiders can spin their model in both directions fast and slow.


Random primary weapon
Desert Eagle
No Falldamage
Stopping power
Sleight of hand

Seekers have to wait 30 seconds for the hiders to hide. After that they must search and find the hiders until the time is up. If 2/3 of the Hiders are dead, they get +30seconds. They are not able to plant the bomb.

-General info:

Everyone can display info about their team and toggle First Person/Third person. Turrents are removed. Timelimit is set to 3,5 minutes, winlimit to 6. Teamnames are automatically changed to Hiders and Seekers. If you call airdrop/care package it will always be ammo. Hiders are not displayed on radar. You cant use killstreaks like predator, Harrier, Airstrike etc.. Hiders need 3 knife hits to kill a Seeker. Always switch to first person when knifing! While countdown is running Seekers are frozen and cant see anything, Hiders can run faster.

-Virus Scans:


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