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Preview ZombieExtMod [ released ]
thank you so much sir!!!
COME AND SEE (4 cavalry of apocalyps)
(08-01-2011, 20:08)JayDi Wrote: Hey guys Big Grin
I updated post. Added many interesting things into mod !
*Read progress log for information/updates*
Video about FULL things and Gameplay soon ;P its like 20 minutes xD

I'm testing it on bugs with bots/friends

Adding new zombie characters, char system

Added killing sprees as TF2, ( You are on rampage spree etc ). Now you can earn points by moving/killing/helping/using abilities/challenges/awards/medals, you can loose -3 points sometimes for camping/inactive. Some new snipers: One shot kill. Added 2 new characters for survivors ;P

Doing "MadHunter" Special - you will get Double Barrel Shotgun from cod5, and fast reload & fast speed on some seconds.
Added more ranks. Mod has 55 ranks right now. Doing some new medals/challenges.
Added new hands for zombies. Fixed "big" bugs.

Added special Madhunter and renamed to "Berserk". Added Double barrel shotgun with real animations and sounds.
Importing some models for gameplay (not stealing !i!i!i!i!1i11!1)
Updated last survivor features! Now last survivor will get DB Shotgun, Flamethrower, New minigun ;P
Thinking about CTF Zombie gametype. ( You must protect the flag when zombies will attack you )

Added 'Five-Seven' pistol, and M14 model from CoD4.
Added new types of pickups ( when zombie will die, zombie will drop bonus )
Added Trench Gun from CoD5 with Real animations.
Pickups are:
  • Claymore
  • Med pack

I'm taking some ideas.
Adding some weapons from Call Of Duty 5. Adding new RC-XD with new model ;P
Added new things in shop as:
  • Juggernog
  • Speed cola

ADDED Music 'Eminem - I wont back down' as Ambient
Adding Music menu. Don't worry, all sounds loads from iw_xx.iwd, so i can use many sounds in game ;P

Added Mystery Box with sound.

When survivor will die, will be spawned Tomb Stone Model with Blood Gib FX on 'death place'.

Preparing to release
Also added 2 new medals.
  • Soldier: Pickup more than 15 mines.
  • Camper: ....

I will release very very very very very very soon, i'm waitting one thing. ( @deadcrayon 's )

Added 'Best player system', Optimized End Credits.
Fixed crashes ( !!Fuck yea!!! )
Mystery box added to all maps.
Fixed M200, now its easier to make quick scope :3
Optimized script in mod.
Deleted useless stuff from game ( not used weapons, xmodels etc )
Added new award: 10 kills - Dukem's RPG!
Also for LM too ;p

Fixing some things
First release coming: OFFICIAL Alpha 0.02 Version

Added new limb ( thanks to @Rendflex for idea :3 )
Its like Airdrop Marker Weapon (i will make screen)
-Optimized infection. If zombie will hit you, you can be infected and must cure yourself!

Added new HP Pack Model

Optimized M40A3, now its easy to make QS ;p

- Added new pickup icon, its like scavenger.

Preparing to F release, (server dvars, compiling FULL mod.


Random Information
Mod size is 25 MB, but it deserve it ;P
(When i will release this mod, copying on other sites is NOT allowed ( or ask me in PM ! ), COPYING ON OTHER SITES NOT ALLOWED )
SCREENS THERE: http://www.moddb.com/mods/zom-x7-mod/images
AND THERE: http://steamcommunity.com/id/_se7en_u/screenshots
I'm taking ideas! Add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/_se7en_u/
I will release Alpha 0.05 Version (Not Bugged) on some days.

Mod Features / Gameplay
This is survival. You survivors must protect yourself, with following features:
This mod is very interesting, epic gameplay and features! This is not "random stuff" mod lol

They can:
- Placing barricades:
Mod has 2 Types of barricades: Shocking barricade and Explodable barrel Barricade
-Survivor can use shop and buying things as:
  • Buy Ammo
  • Buy Healthpack
  • Buy C4 x2
  • Buy Claymore
  • Buy Monkey Bomb
  • Buy Frag grenades x3
  • Buy Explodable barrel barricade
  • Buy Shocking Barrier
  • Upgrade weapon to Silencer
  • Upgrade weapon to Red Dot Sight
  • Buy Anti Dote // You can be infected by zombie hit
  • Buy Fast reload perk
  • Buy Fast walking perk
Server host can change costs on things with a dvar

- Added new weapons!
From zombies:
  • Ray Gun
  • MP40
  • KS23
  • STG44
  • PPSH
  • Tesla
  • DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN with real animations and sounds
  • Trench Gun from CoD5 with Real animations.
From COD4 and MW2
  • G3 Silencer
  • G36c Silencer
  • P90 Silencer ( for you, Lemon :nyan )
  • M1014
  • M40a3
  • MP5 Silencer // From cod4 SP
  • Desert Eagle
  • Intervention Heart
  • Barrett .50 cal
  • W1200
  • USP .45 and Beretta M9
  • UMP45 with custom animations <3
Also added custom model for Ak74u ( From cod4 )
- Classes features!
When survivor will spawned, he can choose following features:
  • Create a class ( custom menu )
  • Choose default classes ( Assault, Medic etc )
  • Spawn with random SMG and pistol
- Class'es special Ability and feature:
When survivor creating a class - he can choose favorite special and class feature
Default classes have specials and class feature too *
Special Abilities for survivor:
  • Zombie hack. Feature: Show all zombies on map. Working time: 30 seconds, Reload time: 40 seconds.
  • MedAura. Feature: Similar from Rotu2.0. Working time: 40 seconds, Reload time: 60 seconds
  • Wrath of Zod. Feature: WoZ is back, This will shock random zombie with Lightning. Working time: 20 seconds, Reload time: 70 seconds.
  • Ammo box. Feature: Give ammo to all. Award +300 points. Working time: :S, Reload time: 60 seconds
  • Fake death. Feature: Make yourself 'dead' like. Working time again :S, Reload time: 55 seconds.
Class features:
  • Healing survivors.
  • Supplying survivors.
  • Zombie ''mate'' - you can search dead zombie body for ammo, grenades, hp packs and other things.
I'm taking ideas for Class features!

Zombies can:
- Choose class on spawn. Zombie classes are:
  • Normal Zombie Smile
  • Inferno Zombie
  • Ice Zombie Narwhal
  • Fast Zombie
  • DOG Zombie Awesome
  • Electro Zombie
  • Toxic zombie Fuck yea!
- Zombies have specials and features too OMA, but every class have different special abilities and class features.
  • Normal Zombie - Fake death (same as survivor's), "Rage" - You will do +25 with per hit. Working time: 20 seconds. Reload: 40 seconds
  • Inferno Zombie - Infected blood: Blood Explosion on random places on map. If survivor will touch it - he will infected( Very powerfull, Working time: 25 seconds, Reload: 50 seconds. ). And Exploding on death.
  • Ice Zombie - Ice shoot: It will give you 3-7 "ice limbs". You can throw your "Ice-Limb" in survivor and frooze him. And Freezing survivors: If you will hit survivor, survivor will be frozen.
  • Fast Zombie - Fast killing: Killing survivors faster. (Working time: 15 seconds, Reload: 40 seconds). And Nitro - fast run.
  • DOG Zombie - Zombie wolf: You will become as Inferno, Fast, Fast-Killing dog. (Working time: 25 seconds, Reload: 40 seconds)
  • Electro Zombie - Wrath of Electro: similar to woz, but other features(same time). And Shocking survivors: If you will hit survivor, you will SHOCK him.
  • Toxic Zombie - Poison attack: Toxic will everywhere, (new fx, green fog). Without Gas Mask survivor will die or will infected.
Quote:When inferno zombie will hit survivor, zombie can burnt survivor
When toxic zombie will hit survivor, zombie can poison survivor
When electro zombie will hit survivor, zombie can shock survivor
When ice zombie will hit survivor, zombie can freeze survivor
- Zombie shop!
Shop including:
  • Upgrade zombie hands
  • Buy dogs
  • Buy inferno dogs
  • Buy "Inferno-Dog" for self.
  • Cure yourself // You will become to survivor
  • Blood bomb
  • Perk "Fast Claws"
- Zombie weapons!
Zombies has following weapons:
  • Zombie hands
  • Zombie hands 2
  • Limb
  • Ice limb // For ICE Zombie

You have prepare time on start, for create a class and other.
After prepare time, you will see zombie timer - 2 minutes.
If on server too many players, It will choose more than one zombie.
Survivors and Zombies can using specials, features.
- Gameplay/Mod including
  • - New zombie models and animations
  • - Custom ranks ( maybe i will not release it, cz many questions about it )
  • - Night time
  • - Endgame credits / voting for map
  • - New visions
  • - New viewhands
  • - Custom HUD
  • - Infection ( Zombie can infect you with hit )

I added epicness things as:
-New killstreaks ( ! IN PROGRESS ! )
-Medals! as
Quote:- 'Bomber' - Kill 7 Zombies with Explodable Barrel ( +300 Points )
- 'Real Medic' - Pickup 25 Medpacks ( +150 Points )
- 'Last deal' - To be Last Survivor ( + 200 Points )
- 'Healer' - Heal Survivor ( + 15 points )
- 'Supplier' - Supply Survivor ( + 15 points )
- 'PWNED' - Die 15 times as a ZOMBIE ( + 200 points )
- 'Cured' - Cure yourself ( + 100 points )
- 'Get a life!' - Cure yourself when you are a ZOMBIE ( +1000 points )
- 'This is ...' - Headshot a Zombie with Launcher ( + 500 points )
I will add more...
- Easter eggs ( not lemon's idea, i had it many time ago ), i not will tell them, you must find them Tongue
- Added Health Packs. When Zombie will die, zombie will drop HP Pack.
- Adding new challenges.
- Added CUSTOM SOUND. When zombie choosen, when hp pack pickuped etc.
- Added new FXs, Some new models Nyan Cat
- Added custom awards:
Quote:- 10 kills - W1200 Fullauto
- 15 kills - Raygun
- 20 kills - Tesla
- 30 kills - New minigun
Also you can get "secret" award if you will make 10 melee kills
- Last man features. He will get new minigun and anti camping system. If he will survive for 5 minutes, humans will win !
- New menus! As Mod Menu, Shop menus, Information menu, Create A class menu, choose a class etc.
- Messages as: "Now a zombie", "Placed barricade", "Frozen!" etc ... ( Callout msgs like First blood etc )
- New gametypes - I will add in next versions, they're:
  • Extreme Survivor - On game start ONE survivor will be choosen. He will have Raygun, Dukem's RPG, M40a3, Monkey Bomb. He must earn all checkpoints for win, zombies must kill him!
  • CTF Survival - Survivors must capture only ONE flag in zombie attack! Time 10 Minutes.
  • Extreme Snipe - On spawn you will have only sniper rifle :3
  • Escort - All survivors must defend V.I.P. Person for 5 minutes in zombie attack.


- Some admin powers as:
Kick / Explode / Kill player.
Change / Restart map.
Change MedPack time.

- Did you know messages
- Many dvars for server
- Tested with 24 players.

Current bugs:

Will be added in next versions:
[+] - Added
[-] - Not Added
[=] - I don't know
  • OMA Ability, On 5 killstreak you will earn OMA for recrate a class.
  • New Starting [+]
  • More class features [-]
  • More medals. [-]
  • Moar weapons ( btw, i have many weapons right now ) [=]
  • New FXs [-]
  • More survivor/zombie characters [-]
  • Spawn something on map ( like mystery box etc ) [+]
  • More Extreme
  • More blood
  • [b]Custom gametype - Extreme Survivor., Thanks to @iAegle for idea (code lol). On round start it will choose only ONE Survivor. Survivor will have weapons like FT, Raygun, DB etc. He must earn all checkpoints for win, zombies must kill him. [-] // In future updates.

VIDEO: (some crappy weapons)


@SE7EN (aka yudi21, se7en_u) - Main creator, cod4/cod5 weapons, all scripts, and etc. (All scripts written by ME, or things which are not in credits by ME)
Thanks to:
@deadcrAyon - MP5 model (i'm not using it anyways ;d )
@hitmax - Duke RPG
@Nukem - help with Maya 2009.
@OrangePL - OMA Energy / Powers
@iAegle - Checkpoint code.
ItsMods - Awesome
3arc bots - Testing
vredApple - some bugs reports
Dobby - inspiration
Sanya/Koene - Some MW2 Models
Rotu2.0 - Med Aura idea ( not code ;p )

Thanks for reading, i hope you liked it Big Grin

can u make a weapon pack with these weapons that are imported not SP and ZM weapons please because those are the weapons i want really bad

I used a video tag which I shouldn't do. I should just post the URL to the video. Now I learnt from my mistakes and I will now edit my post to fix this.
Where is download link to this mod ????
Or just join to official server to download!
C++/Obj-C developer. Neko engine wip
Steam: Click

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