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Preview War Room Survival BETA

[Image: warroomsurvival1_zps893a3b5e.jpg]

War Room survival is a Black Ops 2 themed survival mod for the level "Five".
1 - 4 players spawn in the war room. The elevators do not work. All perks are on. Access to the mystery box available.

This mod includes:
Openable Barriers
Mystery Box!
Quick Revive
Double Tap
Speed Cola
Jugger Nog
PhD Flopper
Whos Who
Bowie Knife


Lead Developer: George1589 (Darkstare6423) - Coder

Co Developer: Antlions (Utamia) - model port, general ideas, fx, editing sound wav's

General Help : Sailormoon, Cyborgking

big thanks to cyborgking to be kind enough to supply us with csv's needed to get sounds to work.

CIA | CDC WILL NOT BE ADDED IN THE BETA! Whos Who, Mystery Box, Bowie Knife, Claymore will definently be added. Expect whos who to function 1:1 as it is in Blackops II. PHD FLOPPER now has an explosion sound. Text for gravit-aid, whos who, bowie knife, claymore have been fixed. Mystery Box text intentionally broken. Whos Who has gone a long way and is still in the works. It is nearly flawless and finished. Sound has gone four months at the least, broken, but fixed thanks to Cyborgking and general help from Sailormoon. Whos Who and PHD Flopper stings are now fixed. You will be unable to buy Whos Who while in Whos Who mode until the final release.

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