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Preview MW3 Server WebInterFace UPDATET! [Linux]
because my root server is still not right running can i not write on the last 2 % [start, stop, restart] have i make a new design for my webinterface i hope u like it when not pleas tell it me then i do my old one back

Edeting Configs
Install Plugins
Server Info

[Image: config.jpg]
[Image: editing.jpg]
[Image: plugins.jpg]

Old Text:I have found my old WebInterFace for Call of Duty 4 and have rewrite it for mw3 so here is a preview [Release this night [LinuX for windows version i nee 1 or 2 days]]
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lol my xp manager? Big Grin nice
(03-06-2012, 01:21)kokole Wrote: lol my xp manager? Big Grin nice

i have all working plugin´s integrated xD
screenshot server is down :\
sounds good though
yeah, good to see so many plugin developers. keeps the game at least alive
(03-06-2012, 09:01)JariZ Wrote: screenshot server is down :\
sounds good though

I know my root make problem´s that's the reason that i have not yet finished the wi
woh, looks really good Awesome
Anyway you could add me rcon plugin? Tongue
(03-06-2012, 18:09)JariZ Wrote: woh, looks really good Awesome
Anyway you could add me rcon plugin? Tongue

u mean to install ?! yes i have added it atfer i have see it but i cant work now on the last 2% of the webinterface then my rootserver fuc.up i cant do anything i don´t know when i can connect again to him

Sry for my BAD englisch
Whats with a downloadlink, bro?
Or im too stupid to find it Big Grin

Oh, im really stupid, its only a preview :\
Sorry for a stupid question but by chance does it make the lobby ranked?

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