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There are two Teams. The Jumpers and the Paladins. In the Paladins Team is choosen the Paladin Boss. SIMPLE: Jumpers have to kill the boss. the paladins have to rescue the boss


The Jumpers weapon is a ballistic knife without ammo --> knifing only. the special thing about them is they can....jump. this means they can teleport whereever they want. There gonna be different jumper sorts which the players can choose on the beginning of the game.
Their mission: kill the batman...ääh...the paladin boss! Wink


Like the Jumpers they can choose special sorts of Paladins. One of them for example will be a pyro paladin (flamethrower) others will be healer paladin or ingenieer paladins(can place turrets). Yeeeaah, looked a bit into the Team Fortress 2 Mod Request Big Grin
Their mission: rescue the paladin boss!


He will be choosen on the start of the game. if he dies three times(myabe more) the paladins will loose. the jumpers will win Smile
His HP is 300. healers can heal him...
Their mission: DONT DIE!


As I have said already there will be different sorts of jumper or paladins. they will have different weps, abilities, streaks, buy abilities, etc...


Yes, there gonna be custom killstreaks for example like MINIGUN or FAST JUMP and other funny stuff. i dont know exactly but i think the different sorts of jumper or paladins will have different streaks. dont know exactly which. give me ideas.


Havent done the HUD yet. But it should be awesome Big Grin


And another "yes" ... there is going to be a trade menu. U'll get money with kills. With that u can buy weapons, special apilities, killlstreaks, etc...


Dont know if I'll do this, but lets see...


SOOON (in your cinema Big Grin)
I'd love to help you with the HUD ^^
(08-10-2011, 12:58)Pozzuh Wrote:
Se7en Wrote:Stealed, from cod4 mod ...
look who's talking

[Release] Old School Mod v2.2
[Release] Scroll menu

sounds great tomsen
(04-01-2011, 15:48)iAegle Wrote: I'd love to help you with the HUD ^^

u wanted to do the HUD or not?^^
your the leader of the HUD project man^^
You should add the admin menu, they are very usefull.

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