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Pirates Kill
Ye mates, it's yur captain LessThan3

I've been doing some things with bit torrent and a certain website (keeping that a secret) and fun things happened. And I decided to post the two pictures as examples.

And also, I'm going to post random shit on here, that I (maybe not you) found funny.
If you want a picture up here, even if this post is never going to be that popular, just put it in the replies, and I'll add.

#1 (by me)
[Image: NOOB-1-1.png]
Click here for the original #1

#2 (by me)
[Image: LongWait-1.png]
Click here for the original #2

#3 (not by me)
[Image: funny-pictures-dont-look-behind-cat.jpg]
Click here for the original picture #3

#4 (by me)
[Image: PortaPotty.png]
Click here for the original picture #4

Boo. (this is here to make this post seem less confusing, with the ads and my signatures and such)
[Image: facebook-fail-11.jpg]

-Picture not by me~ (just saying)
1) is typical internet rage...just downloaded something without reading the description on how to use it
3) dont TOUCH that cat now Wink

and i love the toilet, need that shit
I want to kill myself because of #1
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YouTube 2: DerpShark - Gaming Entertainment
Website: Jensby.me
Contact: im[at]jensby.me
Once, I looked behind me, and saw Chuck Norris.
Chuck Norris did not like cats.

(Don't worry. It's an American joke)
[Image: facebook-fail-11.jpg]

-Picture not by me~ (just saying)

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