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PermBan v1.2
PermBan v1.2 by SuperNovaAO

________                       ________                
\____   \ ___________  _____   \_  _   \_____    ____  
  |   ___// __ \_  __ \/     \   |  |  _/\__  \  /    \
  |  |   \  ___/|  | \/  Y Y  \  |  |   \ / __ \|   |  \
  |__|    \___  >__|  |__|_|  /  |____  /(____  /___|  /
              \/            \/        \/      \/     \/

Its your personal little Vac database!

Apparently there wasn't a single person who liked the way you had to ban people (tbh, for people that didn't run a webserver anyways it was kinda r'tarded).
So now be prepared for version 2.0 (nah, it's 1.2).

It does not work via a local banlist anymore and it's now outsourced on my host.
This is not a global banlist though.
If you visit you get assigned to an unique ID (bookmark the link it sends you to!).
It also generates a unique DLL for you to inject into the game.
Download that one and inject it whenever you run a game.

Now this will keep your banlist in sync (so the game will not lag if someone joins because it requests the banlist frequently instead of when someone joins which would fail on an online server).
Even if you ban someone who is on your server, it takes a max of 60 seconds and the plugin will kick that guy (with the specified message).
If he tries to rejoin, he will simply see your ban message and will not be able to play at all anymore.
Remove a ban? Go to your favorited URL and click remove behind the persons XUID.

Sharing a DLL will NOT work. If you host at the same time, one or the other banlist will go out of sync and it will only ban by the "baselist" (the list it had when you started MW2).


* 1.2 - 9/25/2010:
      - bans get streamed over the internet
      - banning someone who is on your server at that moment will get removed
    * 1.1 - 9/24/2010:
      - Bans are also enforced when someone is joining while you are loading the map
      - Bans don't rely on "random" timing of the packets
      - Support for ban reasons
      - Bans added via this system DO NOT interfere with your manual bans, so if you only want someone to be banned for some minutes, you can easily do so via the ingame console without having to worry about your friend never being able to join again
    * 1.0 - 9/23/2010:
      - Initial release

Howto get the GUID of a player that should be banned.

Type "Status" into the CONSOLE
looks like this:
map: mp_afghan
num score ping [B]guid[/B]                             name            lastmsg address               qport rate
--- ----- ---- -------------------------------- --------------- ------- --------------------- ----- -----
  2     0   39                 01100001047274d9 blubb                 0 loopback              -3035 99999
every player will be displayed with these infos.
now c/p the guid 01100001047274d9 and add them to the list.
voila he is banned and cannot join your lobby anymore

No thanks or replys for this?
This tool is awesome!
Thanks D0h! Big Grin
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My MW2 mod Group:

Still works? Thought there was a MW2 update?!

(07-06-2011, 20:59)SuperNovaAO Wrote: Still works? Thought there was a MW2 update?!

There was an update to delete mods, but the day after they "downupdate" it to the old version again, so mods are still possible.

Hmmm, read about someone who said that copying the old exe over worked to downgrade. Didn't know they officially reverted the patch again.

(07-07-2011, 18:10)SuperNovaAO Wrote: Hmmm, read about someone who said that copying the old exe over worked to downgrade. Didn't know they officially reverted the patch again.

I was the one who wrote that, Tongue. They officialy reverted the patch the day after.

omg that scares the shit out of me when i read what IW is doing nowadays. lets hope it will be different with mw3

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