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[News] RTD v2 discontinued
If anyone wants to continue the project, you can check it out from http://code.google.com/p/rollthedice/sou...ollTheDice
because i'm quitting the project.
(the reason is pretty obvious)
Full roll list: (50% doesn't work anymore)

Quote:Loading rolls...
[RTD] [RollWatcher] RollWatcher online
[RTD] Serverwide Roll System online
[RTD] [SERVERWIDE] Waiting 101915 ms (~1 minutes) before starting serverside roll
42 good rolls loaded, 50 bad rolls loaded.
5 serverwide rolls loaded
A total of 97 rolls loaded
Available rolls:
2. Fat v1.0
You're fat.
3. High Sensitivity v1.2
Unleash your true 1337 inner self
4. Lag v1.0
Well... The name says it.
5. Smack! v1.7
Average MW3 Chaos match
6. Bolt Action v2.0
Your primary weapon only has 1 bullet.
7. Night v1.0
Pure Darkness.... MUHAHAHAHHAHAHA!
8. Bright v1.2
Shit's fucking bright!
9. No gun v1.0
N0 GUNZ ALLOW3D ON TH1S S3RV0R!11111!!!??
10. Drunk v1.2
11. Black and White v1.0
Ah... Back in the day...
12. EYE RAPE v1.2
Feels like christmas....
13. Extra Hardcore v1.2
PR0M0D 3SL 1337 360 N0SC0P3 xXx_SN1P3H4X_xXx SK1LLZ
14. World of Wax v1.2
dude wat.
15. Third Person v1.0
This is how call of duty would like if it was made by Rockstar.
16. Roll Twice v1.0
ONLY TODAY! 2 rolls for 1
17. Forced v2.0
Good luck trying to make kills Big Grin
18. Annoying v1.5
OH GOD IT'S SO BIG - That's what she said
19. Wallhack v1.0
Look trough walls :O
20. Counter Strike v1.0
21. SPAM v1.6
Get ready for abusive admins and 10 year old players!
22. Freeze v2.0
You can't move at random moments
23. Blackouts v2.2
You loose control every 10 seconds
24. One In The Chamber v1.3
For each kill you make, you get a bullet.
25. Master Cook v1.0
Unlimited Grenades!
26. Unlimited Ammo v1.0
27. Seizure v1.2
If you got epilepsy, and you're reading this, you're dead.
28. Ninja v3.0
Teleport to a enemy!
29. No crosshair v1.2
30. Mass Slay v1.0
If you roll 4, you get to kill every player
31. 50 Perks v1.0
All perks you can select in a custom class
32. ProMod v1.0
Because the normal game isn't hard enough
33. RocketsNStuff v1.0
34. Zombie v1.0
35. Walking AC130 v1.0

36. Briefcase v1.0
War? What war? I'm way to busy with my briefcase!
37. Sharpshooter v1.0
38. Even more overpowered FMG v1.0
You thought the FMG couldn't be more overpowered? Think again.
39. Bullseye v1.0
Only throwing knifes
40. Lucky Player v1.0
Godmode for 15 secs!
41. Double HP v1.0
Double HP and reroll!
42. One Hit Kill v1.0
When someone shoots, you instantly die
43. No MACazines v1.0

44. One Man Army v2.0
Gives you a random generated class
45. Submachine Gungame v1.0
With a special reward at the end
46. Explosive Gungame v1.0
With a special reward at the end
47. Shotgun Gungame v1.0
With a special reward at the end
48. Assault Rifle Gungame v1.0
With a special reward at the end
49. Vampire v1.0
Kill other players to keep your health up high
50. Santaclaus v1.0
Freeze all people around you
51. Aura v1.0
All people who get close to you loose health!
52. Copycat v1.0
You steal other people's classes
53. Weapondealer v1.0
All people that get close to you, get your weapon
54. Anticamp v1.0
This is actually how it goes on some servers
55. Sniper Gungame v1.0
With a special reward at the end
56. Useless v1.0
The 2 most useless weapons in the game
57. Chuck Norris v1.0
Chuck Norris doesn't need a single roll. Chuck Norris has all rolls.
58. Swimming v1.0

59. Retarded v1.0
You're retarded. Idea by Yamato
60. True Camper v1.0
No weapons only when camping. Idea by G-Man
61. Glass Canon v1.0
RPG with unlimited ammo, but one hit kill. Roll by Pieter
62. OPA Gun v1.0
Eat OPA, Bitch!
63. HELLO v1.0
64. Extreme Juggernaut v1.0
Two handed weapons are for pussies
65. Rapist v1.0
All people who get close to you loose health, however, you've got no weapons
66. Uber Hardcore v1.0
Extra Hardcore + 1 HP and 1 Ammo
You will die in 30 seconds. Enemies in close range will also die
68. Bond. James Bond v1.0

69. Go get 'em Makarov v1.0
70. DISCO FEVER v1.0
You're a walking discoball

72. Orgasm v1.0
Guess war sometimes get a little bit to exciting
73. Terrorist v1.0
You're literary a walking time bomb
74. Developer v1.1
Welcome to the IW team. Bobby will be proud!
75. Deaf v1.1
No sounds
76. Watch and Learn v1.0
Spectator for 1 minute
77. Fashionable v1.0
I wish I could change clothes that fast....
78. Ghost v1.5
You're invisible for 20 seconds
79. Choose your own roll v3.0
Type !choose name where name is (part of) the roll
80. Juggernaut v1.0
Slow but strong
81. Headless v1.0

82. Flashing v1.0
83. Attractive v1.0
Try to lure people to you, and then kill them!
84. SuperNovaAO v1.0
85. Charlie Sheen v1.0
Kill players to increase drug abuse
86. Remote Tank v1.0
Or EOD-Bot, whatever, FUCK YOU!
87. Terminator v1.0
You're a cyborg
88. Nightvision v1.0
Just MW3 being the sad little COD4 port it is...
89. UAV v1.0
UAV all the time until you die
90. Super Damage v1.0
Everyone becomes a one hit kill for you
91. Tin Can v1.0
2 riotshields, Double HP, Slow. Idea by estebespt
92. Rage v1.0
You. When you almost had a MOAB

Available serverwide rolls:
1. High Jump v1.0
2. Cocaine v1.0
3. Space v1.0
"I’m gonna meet the sun! Oh no, what do I say? Hi? Hi sun?" - Space Core
4. Knockback v1.0
Heavy stuff
5. Pullback v1.0
Opposite of knockback
nice , more time for real mods xD OMA OMA OMA OMA
@rotceh_dnih :'(
(05-14-2012, 14:16)JariZ Wrote: @rotceh_dnih :'(

i know man .

when the gsc rip came out i got really excited and made afew mods getting all keen but when i seen that was never going to happen i gave up thinking to myself " one day without notice the'll just fuck it up for us "

would be nice to hear where they really stand on this though i think this last "patch" is word enough Sad
why don't you finish it to 100?
Black Ops Mods:

RPG(rocket launcher) mod
Get the Specials

Old aliasses:


@cvd Because I lost at least 50 rolls already due to IW

did you even read where the thread was about lol

@rotceh_dnih It's pretty clear that they defiantly do not support this, and i'm pretty sure that the next COD by IW won't have any ded. servers neither
From what i heard IW isnt going to develop any more cods. They will only create the engines. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. Since the "block" to the mods is in the engine that could mean there wont be modtools or a way to mod. On the other hand, the ones developing the game can demand modtools. Lets hope. Either way cs:go is coming and with it full modtools just like Valve had always done.
Perhaps i'm switching to CS:GO.
Got some basic source experience from my gmod-days
so sad how they treat modding
ive mapped for CS and CSS a (verry) long time ago Smile

so CS:GO might be a fun project Smile
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[Image: b_350_20_2E3226_383F2D_D2E1B5_5A6C3E.png]
[Image: b_350_20_2E3226_383F2D_D2E1B5_5A6C3E.png]

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