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News Plutonium Promod - Release will be also posted here
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Hello old Promod MW3/MW2/COD4 player, are you in the same situation as me, that there is no game which is similar to the old gen cod games? And you are pissed of csgo, lol and other games like that? Maybe we got a good solution for that. To keep it simple, we are trying to bring promod mw3 back. How will we do so? There is a new client, a free to play client, called Plutonium. They already have a very nice bo2 client, but bo2 has no promod and bo2 is mehhh.
]<-- homepage of plutonium Plutonium will soon publish a Mw3 client aswell, thats when we will revive Promod! For those thinking that there can only be a shitton of cheaters on a free to play client youre wrong. Plutonium will also bring an Anticheat to the table! We will try to create a promod experience like you got to know it from steam mw3 in its glory days. If youre thinking it will be a boring experience, trust me, it wont. Plutonium Mw3 will support custom maps like highrise from Mw2, Crossfire from CoD 4 and many more. If that didnt convince you yet, they will also add new Weapons (and animations for those and current ones) and other cool stuff you may like! Ofcourse, we will discuss what fits into Promod and what does not with the community! Please dont get me wrong, Plutonium Mw3 is not released yet, we will have to wait a little bit until it does release. But when it does, be assured that we will be there with atleast one game server and most likely weekly/monthly cups. At first we will try to organize bigger cups and see how well those go and afterwards try and get weekly/monthly cups running. If you want to support us as an Admin, Tester, Coder or anything else, just let us know! We need as many people as we can get! If you got questions, just ask Rosamaha on steam, or better, join our Discord to keep updated with all the news around our Promod project and Plutonium!
More Informations on our Discord:
Thank you for reading - and greetings by: Rosamaha, w1red, Pain

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