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News New client for MW3 (Plutonium)
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Q:When will this client be released?

A:We currently have no release date or any estimate for release. We find that providing a release date only adds un-needed pressure to ourselves. We will release when we have everything we want.

Q:What version of the game does the client run on?

A:1.9.461 - the latest Steam version.

Q:Are the exploits fixed?

A:The popular CoD engine exploits people have been using to attack IW5 are fixed. Of course, we cannot claim to have found and patched every vulnerability, but presently none of the exploits we have knowledge of work on Plutonium.

Q:Will there be an anticheat?

A:Yes, our client uses our own anticheat system, written specifically for IW-engine based games. Note that no system is perfectly secure; we cannot guarantee you we will keep all cheaters out, as the most skilled and determined ones will manage to get past even the best countermeasures. That said, we hope to deliver a substantial improvement over the official IW5 platform (that is, Steam).


PlutoIW5 Features

The following features are confirmed to be in our client:
  • [/b]
  • Latest version of the game - The client will be done on the latest version of the MW3 (1.9.446) so it will FULLY SUPPORT ADDON and fixed annoying glitches.

  • [b]Server List - used to allow to dedicated servers running game lobbies. These are community ran.

  • [b]Dedicated Servers - Ran by the community, for the community, these allow modified gameplay and other modifications.

  • [b]Game scripts - PlutoIW5 currently has a custom, .NET-based modding library inspired by Fourdeltaone's InfinityScript, albeit with more capabilities and re-written from scratch. Currently we are attempting to add full GSC support to the game, similar to IW4. There is a good chance we will succeed.

  • [b]Matchmaking - If the normal game is more your fancy, matchmaking will be more your cup of tea. We may have this disabled until we have a high enough player count.

  • [b]Friends - See your friends in the game.

  • [b]Developer Console, as seen in previous CoD titles.

  • [b]Custom localization - everything Pluto adds to the games will be translated into all the languages IW5 has released in.

  • [b]An improved ban system for dedicated servers, integrated with the online system and the anticheat.

  • [b]Custom Weapons

  • [b]Custom Maps

  • [b]Bots - full support for bots with basic combat AI (not spinning in circles). They will not be MLG players, but we hope they will be good[/b]
  • [b]enough to be fun to play against.[/b]

WOW,I like


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