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News Japan Disaster
I express my condolences to everyone that has family or maybe lives in the area that has been hit..
Very shocking all the news.
8.9M ayaouch.
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
hopefully they can cool down the atom reactor long enough till the electricity is back. otherwise the cores could melt...
*random rebel comment goes here*
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
i am following this since i am awake (6 o clock for like 10 hours now) while learning.
it is in the top 10 of the worst earth quakes in the history of humanity since we measure the data.

the reactor is only cooled down by batteries and they need more and enough power in the next 1-2 hours or the worst scenario that is possible will happen.

due to this earth quake the earth is rotating 0.1 milli secs faster and the axis has changed..
U.S.A. sent emergency cooling something to Japan for cooling down the reactor according to the news on TV.
I'm going to the toilet.
[Image: 1fxsnb.jpg]
(03-11-2011, 17:20)4FunPlayin Wrote: I'm going to the toilet.

Let me know how it was.
the luck that all this MADE IN CHINA ! .
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I hope alistair is ok..
He says he's gone forever....

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