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News Informations of patch 1.07 soon
this night (in USA Smile ), there was a update of all server on Black Ops. And we finally had information on behalf of the developers, the last twwet about the 1.07 was 2 weeks ago :/

JD_2020 promises information on the patch 1.07 :
"The client PC Patch 1.07 is still in development, and will be much more comprehensive. More details on that still to come."

I hope a release in a few weeks Big Grin


Quote:Hey PC fans,

We’re rolling out a Dedicated Servers patch over the next few hours or so which will require each server to be restarted.

The patch addresses some bugs associated with Player Kicking / Reserved Slots. This shouldn’t affect the day-to-day interactions for most players. But for players who experienced abnormal game behavior as a result of reserved slot kicking functionality, this is now resolved.

There were two main problems which occurred under very specific circumstances.

1] The player being kicked would sometimes see a temporary rank reset, which could cause other strange behavior with contracts, create-a-class, emblems, etc.
2] When a player is kicked from a reserved slot, one of the remaining players could experience strange behavior (spawn with no weapon, “rubber banding”, or checkerboard textures).

The 2nd case only occurred with reserved slot usage on an otherwise full server.

The client PC Patch 1.07 is still in development, and will be much more comprehensive. More details on that still to come.

Sorry for my english, i'm from Belgium
Steam ID: Faramire0007
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We are still hard at work on PC Patch 1.07. Lots of changes to test. Fresh build went to QA today. #codblackops #pc
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Quote:Hey PC fans,

Just a quick note to let you know that the PC team is hard at work on the PC DLC, as well as Patch 1.07. The two do not come bundled or anything like that though – they are two separate entities.

Both are being worked on as fast and as hard as possible, and release ETA’s are basically ASAP. Shouldn’t be too much longer now, and rest assured you’ll be getting plenty of Double-XP to celebrate when the time comes!

I’ll update more here and on Twitter when we get closer to release.

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i wonder how many companies have said soon just be like another month or so away


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