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[News] Forum now on HTTPS
This does not increase anyone's security but some people like it.

I think everything still works, but please report broken parts if you find any.
(10-19-2014, 13:58)SuperNovaAO Wrote: ... but some people like it.

Since when did you start granting wishes? Troll
Only when it's a useless wish, like this one.

HTTPS was severely hyped after Snowden published some documents.

HTTPS secures you from your neighbor, not from the government. And my neighbor already never knew how to capture my traffic.

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The Nokia 3310 has tapatalk now huh, cool.
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(10-21-2014, 10:53)House Wrote:
(10-19-2014, 13:58)SuperNovaAO Wrote: ... but some people like it.

Since when did you start granting wishes? Troll

Got this when I forgot to login Troll

[Image: Screen%20Shot%202014-10-22%20at%204.38.17%20PM.png]

Oh, and nice, gonna see if I'll find something wrong.
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More on the entire HTTPS thing being bullshit (written by others than myself)

Hi anyone who can help me with a small problem.
I got a cod mw3 server when I start and join the server and shoot some1server shuts down with the massage (error getting persistent dataConfusedee console) does any1 have an idea how to fix it will ne very much appreciated. Thanks in advance
wow i totally missed that, even tho i still visit this site regularely.
its nice to see that you still keep the site up and i truly hope that it will stay for a long long time.
nova you are one guy with the highest integrity and loyality that i have ever met on the internet!

miss this community (a bit) Wink
Same could've been said for you, @d0h!², but then the thing happened.
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