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News Darkspore
I went to CeBIT 2011 and all I got were these lousy Beta codes.

They are valid to play on March 5 - 6 and March 12 - 13.

They claim these are exclusive keys but if I would be an asshole I could've gotten 1k keys.

To register them visit http://darkspore.ea.de/
Login with your EA account.
Enter the code.
Download and install the Darkspore client.

The game is related to Spore I guess so if you hated that, don't use a key and let someone else enjoy it.

  1. FTAY-ZXH2-58V3-GN8S
  3. GMBA-23NL-3WU9-ARXS
  4. 8J6V-2LHY-66N3-7EPF
  5. HJ2N-H96F-3W7Q-H2ZL
  6. 6BHK-3E2B-R47V-PBWR
  7. BNLM-36YL-625R-2MGM

Some nerd pics coming tomorrow.
Also: Free drink and food in the Resellers Area, woopdidoo (if someone asks: I work for "the" government for IT Security and that's how I got in).
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  • d0h!, Eekhoorn, [MPGH]House
For "the" government of what? Mars?
Nice codes but its an MMO so I think ill pass this time.
Was the convention any good?
thnx for sharing
Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest.

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(03-03-2011, 07:39)aosma8 Wrote: Was the convention any good?

its the biggest in the world, of course its infomative Wink

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