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News DLC2 Escalation trailer
maps seem built with the technique of Lego bricks, all the same as before. add more special effects and change some textures do not mean that they are new maps . why there are no tanks in Stockpile as in Cod WaW? other seems a continuation of the stadium and equal to the previous MW2, perhaps the same neighborhood?
sure would be nice structure them all in sequence, or better to attack and create one big.
Real war 100 vs 100....... or more
hey, who knows any web site with video-lessons of maya or 3ds max or wings 3d that is adviced to me by my friend?
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
there are a few interesting and impressive ones on youtube. but you need basic/advanced knowledge to recreate most of the models, too many shortcuts etc...
no spam but find on google MODS online CoD4 Mapping
[Image: dlc2_screenshots_Hotel01_large.jpg]
[Image: dlc2_screenshots_Hotel02_large.jpg]
[Image: dlc2_screenshots_Zoo02_large.jpg]
[Image: dlc2_screenshots_Zoo01_large.jpg]
[Image: dlc2_screenshots_Stockpile01_large.jpg]
[Image: dlc2_screenshots_Stockpile03_large.jpg]
[Image: dlc2_screenshots_Convoy01_large.jpg]
[Image: dlc2_screenshots_Convoy02_large.jpg]
Why always eggsbox is first..
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
cause they pay for it
I think that this maps are better than DLC1s, but, will be a new zombie map released with DLC2?
yes, salvage + a bit of ascension = new zombie map, call of the dead
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]
(04-21-2011, 12:31)G-Man Wrote: i know but... oh... i mean that i cant beleive that bo's gfx is based on maya o_O

I knew that ages ago. Wink

[Image: 30xhrep.png]

A casual conversation between barata and I about Nukem.

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