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Nemesis v2.0
nemesis v2.0 real version

Quote:Before this I want to tank all the people for there support!
Also I want to note that we didnt made a xbox patch, last version we did, it got leaked and a lot of bad feedback came around because of lots of bugs.
That leaked version also made people make a pc version of it.. full of bugs you guys might played it..
Please don't take the mod, change 1 thing, and release it under your name, keep the credits intact and have fun playing or modificating other mods with it~
~Rowan & met

What is Nemesis?

Nemesis is the first zombiebased mod with only 1 zombie, this zombie is called the nemesis, he has 2500 HP X the number of players in the game.
If the nemesis knifes all players he wins, the players only got 1 life. But that job isn't easy to complete, because the nemesis has a lot of
knockback and the humans have a lot of objectives on the map to use, if the nemesis dies the humans win.

What is ZombieNemesis?

Zombie Nemesis is basicly a zombie-based mod with all objectives on the map and bunkers and stuff from Nemesis. THe humans win by making 65 Kills, and the zombies win if they infect all humans
into zombies by knifing. It's a fun varient of Nemesis and different from other zombiemods humans can actually win by reaching a number of kills. Things we changed are predatorspam and the zombie's have
coldblooded so they don't get killed to often by tools on the map, there HP is 100 In a game of 5 players, 200 in a game of 10, and 300 hp in a game of 10+ players.

How to change between nemesis / zombie?
If you open the mod --> maps --> mp --> gametypes, you will see config, open it up and change the 2 to a 1 for nemesis, or keep it a 2 for zombierules, below it you can also change scorelimit for humans to win
in the zombie varient.

What kinda objectives do the humans got?

Mappingtools;-Doors, in almost every map you can find doors to pretect yourself from the nemesis, he can brake the door by pressing F a lot of times, it depends on the health of the door.
-Bunkers, In like half of all maps are bunkers, bunkers can be small or big, the biggest bunker has 4 floors on rust.
-Ramps, in every level can be find ramps to reach good spots or to balance spots.
-Flags, flags can also be found in all maps, they teleport you to places.
-Balanceflags, those are invisible flags to balance spots, they make some overpowered spots unavaible to reach, such as roof on highrise.

Special Boxes;
-FreezestunBox, this box will give you 1 freezenade, if you stun the nemesis he will get frozen for 7 seconds.
-Datonator and explosives, this is self-explainable, explosives are on some spots in the map and if you donate they blow up.
-Predatorboxes, here you can fire a predator missile
-Chopperboxxes, in the maps with a chopper circling around 24/7 you can jump-in for 30 seconds to use it.
-Diving airstrike, a box to place a diving airstrike coming down out of the sky.
-Missiles, these are in a few maps and shoot heavy explosives into the air and then they come down like artillery.
-MOAB's, the moab is the Mother of All bombs.. a big plane with a big bomb... u can drop it were u want..
-Matrix, this box is only avaible for the nemesis, it activates wallhack and a lot of planes will fly by.
-Healthbox, a box for the nemesis to get 5k health recovery.
-Napalm, you can place your own napalm somewere on the map.

Weaponboxes;-COD4BOXES, these will give you a classic cod4 weapon such as, goldeagle or m16a4!
-Weaponboxnormal, these give a specific weapon.
-Randomweaponbox, these give a random weapon, and can only be used once a game.

Otherinfo;-Every human starts with a M4a1 and a fragnade.
-Map rotation is added in the mod.
-Vip system, vip's get a 2nd life, nightvision, laser and some more weapons, deathicon above head, you can add your own vips in the list!
-Kickmenu included
-Own custom map on karachi with custom spawns.
-No bugs at all
-With N you can drop your weapon so friendlys can pick it up.
-Icons on the minimap show objectives for nemesis and humans.
-The humans can press ''4'' every 15 seconds, wich will show the location on the map of the nemesis, if he's nearby!
-IN zombiemode there's a scoremeter that gives the score, the scorelimit depends on how many players are in the game.
- THIS MOD SUPPORTS 4 new maps, crash, overgrown, salvage and bailout!!

Supporting us, helping us, helping yourself!

Because of negative feedback of selling the mod we finally released the full version to the public, it's organised and easy to edit so don't hate =)
after this thread we will make a topic with the mapbuild functions we made ourself such as weaponboxes, and codes like icon above head.

If you really like this mod or you just want to help us out for the work we did you can donate us at --> rowan_aka_rowan-dinho[at]" class="mycode_email <-- (all kind of gifts are welcome!!)
As a thanks for donating I will make a custom map togheter with you, you chose how it will look like 100% =).
You can also contact me at that email for questions or if you want to add me =)


-New video recorded by Goldenknife, tnxxxxx m8!

-Gameplay video from human and nemesis view :

-Walktrough video with features and more stuff :

Small Info about setting the gametype
IF you open the mod you will see a config.gsc
open it up and you will see this :

    level.default_mode = 2; // 0 = off 1 = nemesis 2 = zombiemod
    level.AutoPoints = 1; // 0 = off 1 = on
    level.waitToSetPoints = 15; //time in seconds
    level.antyCamp = 1; // 0 = off 1 = on
    if(!level.AutoPoints) level.PointsLimit = 650; //zombiemod score limit
    else level thread zliczPKT();
    level.mapRotation = 1; // 0 = off 1 = on
    level.StimulusMaps = 0; // 0 = off 1 =on
    level.EnableEnemySelection = 1; // 0 = off 1 = on
    level.CreateBunkers = 1; //0 = off 1 = on

getZombieHealth() //zombiemod
    if(level.players.size <= 6)
        return 70;
    else if(level.players.size <= 11)
        return 140;
    else return 210;    
    level.PointsLimit = 800;
    wait (level.waitToSetPoints);
    level.PointsLimit = 22*level.players.size;

you can set the values here to change the scorelimit, gametype and more, also chose for mappack support or not, map rotation or not, and antycamp or not.

Tnx for reading this thread and feedback is always welcome.

Buglist :
- None, we tested it a lot and we are sure it contains 0 bugs, ofcourse you never can be 100% sure. But enjoy playing it Big Grin! [/i]

-Met PL Left modding after this final project, only reachable for big bugs.
-RowanFTBL Steam = RowanFTBL new account = pyromanic5

4Funplayin for the MOAB, the diving airstrike, and the Matrix jets!
Killingdyl, for his awesome mapping tools.
{MW2U}Mathieu, making some bunkers and stuff!
Nukem, he's just awesome
Goldenknife, for his awesome supporting, feedback and ideas Tongue
AZUMIKKEL, for some ideas, and codes, later we edited them.
Tribulex&d0H, for great feedback and tips

I forgot to tell this
in the console you can typ
scr_zombie_wlaczony 3 for nemesismod
scr_zombie_wlaczony 4 for zombiemod

and then fast_restart to change quickly without changing config!

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