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Modder is wanted
For a research project at the Vrije University, a video game modder is wanted. We research moral issues related to violent video games. We are looking for someone who is capable of modifying a mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 in order to answer the researchs specific requirements; 1.Creating an isolated segment of 15 minutes of linear game play 2. Creating a moddified version of this segment with a lower level of consequences of violence (e.g. less gore, less animation and audio of characters suffering) 3. Creating a four minutes segment of tutorial gameplay (without any non-player characters).
For further detail and for submission of price quote and CV please contact: noalorber1[at]


If I understood this correctly, I have to warn you that it's not possible to create entirely new single-player missions due to limited modding capabilities. It is, however, possible to modify already existing missions with existing assets.

Also, are we talking about single player or multi player missions?

you should contact his email Wink

Pay me 200-300$ and I'll do it. Troll
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I think I am going to send him some HQ pr0n, because SP mods... he will probably receive none Troll

Why is everyone so obsessed with No Russian? *sigh*

I think the best idea would be to try that in CoD WaW, it has modding tools and is much more violent than MW2.
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