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MW2 Golden Gun Mod
Here is my golden gun gamemode.

How to play?
Quote:Golden Gun:

Everyone starts of with:

*Weapon- Single Magnum
*Perks - Scavenger, Coldblooded, Ninja
*Equipment - Tactical Insertion

When that person gets a kill with the magnum they get the akimbo magnums and keep going until through all the pistols until they get to the golden gun (gold desert eagle). You need to get 8 kills straight without dying. If during the 8 kills you die at anytime any way you are reset back to the first gun the magnum. Winner is the player who gets the most kills within the 10 minute time limit. Also every kill gets you +50 health.

The player who has the gold desert eagle gets the following advantages:

*Explosive Bullets
*500 health

The player who has the gold desert eagle gets following disadvantages:

*Everyone gets UAV except Golden Gun user
*Tactical Insertion is Taken away
*Coldblooded and Ninja Removed
*Show up on map when UAV inbound
*Limited Bullets (Replenish via Scavenger only)
*Golden Gun can kill you if used wrong

Ways to Kill:

*Enivromental Kills (Barrel Exploding)

        self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_message::hintMessage("\nGolden Gun\n");
        self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_message::hintMessage("\nEvery Kill Gives you ^3+50 ^7Health\n");
        self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_message::hintMessage("\nKnife Kills Upgrade Guns Aswell\n");
        self takeAllWeapons();
        self _clearPerks();
        self.hasRadar = true;
        self maps\mp\killstreaks\_killstreaks::clearKillstreaks();
        self maps\mp\gametypes\_class::setKillstreaks( "none", "none", "none" ); // Set normal killstreaks to none
        self thread maps\mp\perks\_perks::givePerk("specialty_scavenger");
        self thread maps\mp\perks\_perks::givePerk("specialty_coldblooded");
        self thread maps\mp\perks\_perks::givePerk("specialty_heartbreaker");
                wait 0.5;
        self giveWeapon("flare_mp");
        self giveWeapon("coltanaconda_fmj_mp",0,false);
        self switchToWeapon("coltanaconda_fmj_mp",0,false);
                self thread giveguns();
                wait 5;
                self iPrintlnBold("^2Kills Needed: ^1[^38^1]");


self endon ("death");

self.startscore = self.pers["kills"];

    while(1) {
        if(self.killcount != self.pers["kills"] - self.startscore) {
            self.killcount = self.pers["kills"] - self.startscore;
   case 1:
    self notify("newstreak");
    self takeWeapon("coltanaconda_fmj_mp",0,false);
    self giveWeapon("coltanaconda_akimbo_mp",0,true);
    self switchToWeapon("coltanaconda_akimbo_mp",0,true);
   case 2:
    self notify("newstreak");
    self takeWeapon("coltanaconda_akimbo_mp",0,true);
    self giveWeapon("usp_fmj_mp",0,false);
    self switchToWeapon("usp_fmj_mp",0,false);
        self iPrintlnBold("^2Kills Needed: ^1[^36^1]");
   case 3:
    self notify("newstreak");
    self takeWeapon("usp_fmj_mp",0,false);
    self giveWeapon("usp_akimbo_xmags_mp",0,true);
    self switchToWeapon("usp_akimbo_xmags_mp",0,true);
        self iPrintlnBold("^2Kills Needed: ^1[^35^1]");
   case 4:
    self notify("newstreak");
    self takeWeapon("usp_akimbo_xmags_mp",0,true);
    self giveWeapon("beretta_fmj_mp",0,false);
    self switchToWeapon("beretta_fmj_mp",0,false);
        self iPrintlnBold("^2Kills Needed: ^1[^34^1]");
   case 5:
    self notify("newstreak");
    self takeWeapon("beretta_fmj_mp",0,false);
    self giveWeapon("beretta_akimbo_xmags_mp",0,true);
    self switchToWeapon("beretta_akimbo_xmags_mp",0,true);
        self iPrintlnBold("^2Kills Needed: ^1[^33^1]");
   case 6:
    self notify("newstreak");
    self takeWeapon("beretta_akimbo_xmags_mp",0,true);
    self giveWeapon("deserteagle_fmj_mp",0,false);
    self switchToWeapon("deserteagle_fmj_mp",0,false);
        self iPrintlnBold("^2Kills Needed: ^1[^32^1]");
   case 7:
    self notify("newstreak");
    self takeWeapon("deserteagle_fmj_mp",0,false);
    self giveWeapon("deserteagle_akimbo_mp",0,true);
    self switchToWeapon("deserteagle_akimbo_mp",0,true);
        self iPrintlnBold("^2Kills Needed: ^1[^31^1]");
   case 8:
    self notify("newstreak");
    self takeWeapon("deserteagle_akimbo_mp",0,true);
    self takeWeapon("flare_mp");
        self thread maps\mp\mods\_mods4::DispatchSplash("^3Golden Gun Given!");
    self thread maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_message::hintMessage("You have Demi God!");
    self ThermalVisionFOFOverlayOn();
    self playLocalSound("mp_challenge_complete");
    self giveWeapon("deserteaglegold_mp",0,false);
    self switchToWeapon("deserteaglegold_mp",0,false);
        self thread maps\mp\mods\_extramods::ExplosiveBulletss();
        self _unsetPerk("specialty_coldblooded");
        self _unsetPerk("specialty_heartbreaker");
    self thread maps\mp\perks\_perks::givePerk("specialty_bulletdamage");
        wait 0.05;

        self endon ( "death" );
        self endon ( "bulletgone" );
                self waittill ( "weapon_fired" );
                forward = self getTagOrigin("j_head");
                end = self thread vector_scal9(anglestoforward(self getPlayerAngles()),1000000);
                SPLOSIONlocation = BulletTrace( forward, end, 0, self )[ "position" ];
                level.chopper_fx["explode"]["medium"] = loadfx ("props/electricbox4_explode");
                playfx(level.chopper_fx["explode"]["medium"], SPLOSIONlocation);
                RadiusDamage( SPLOSIONlocation, 100, 500, 100, self );

vector_scal9(vec, scale)
        vec = (vec[0] * scale, vec[1] * scale, vec[2] * scale);
        return vec;
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