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Looking for a consultant in NorCal
I live in northern California and I am looking to buy some help with Black Ops. I play occasionally and need help! Looking for ideas, I have heard there are people out there that can make modifications to my game that will help me aim faster, move faster, shoot faster, etc. just want a more enjoyable experience by being able to hold my own with the 10 year olds...lol. Not techy at all, have the ability to pay a consultant. Can buy all new equipment if needed. Thanks in advance for your help!
hax...? sorry no idea what are you talking about
The fact that you let 10-year-olds play a 18+ game is already wrong. But anyway: what you are looking for is called a gamehack. And since we are not a hacking website: we cannot help you. You could search for black ops aimbot on google, good luck.
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