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League requesting certain things
Alright so I am posting here because we have a league opening up and we plan to use cmMOD if it has the right features.

Weapon Rules
Assault Rifle ( Primary, No Limit/Team )
- M16
- Enfield
- M14
- Famas
- Galil
- AK-47
- Commando

Sub-Machine Gun ( Primary, 2/Team )
- MP5k
- Skorpion
- MAC-10
- AK74u
- Uzi
- PM63
- Spectre
- Kiparis

Shotguns ( Primary, 1/Team )
- Stakeout

Sniper Rifles ( Primary, 1/Team )
- L96A1

Pistols ( Secondary )
- M1911
- Makarov
- Python
- CZ75

Lethal Grenades
- Frag Grenade
- Tomahawk

Tactical Grenades
- Willy Pete
- Flash Grenade

* These are the only allowed weapons.

Search and Destroy Rules:
- Multi-bomb: Off
- Bomb Plant Time: 5 seconds
- Bomb Defuse Time: 7 seconds
- Bomb Timer: 60 Seconds
- Round Length: 2 Minutes
- Side Change: Every 4 Rounds
- Score Limit: 13

Player Options:
- Number of Lives: 1
- Respawn Delay: None
- Max Health: None
- Health Regeneration: Normal
- Killcam: Disabled

Team Options:
- Spectating: Team Only
- Wave Spawn Delay: None
- Force Respawn: Enabled
- Friendly Fire: Enabled

Game-play Options:
- Head-shots Only: Disabled
- Perks: Disabled
- Kill streak Rewards: Disabled
- Hard Core Mode: Disabled

Other things to note, final killcam is on, there is no prematch period unless the ready-up system is 100% complete. Also make sure its Barebones SD, this way you can ensure there is no equipment, attachments. Please change the plant / defuse sound to the original state. We expect that with the release of mod tools, everything is perfectly set up. On a side note please make the skies of the maps more brighter and blue, don't want to see players following into depression Tongue

Are these your custom cup rules?
Or are you requesting those options to be included in this cmMod?

I think the rules would not allow tomahawk its too junky public-like show off thing
willy pete/smoke 1x
flash 1x ..both per set class

defuse time is usually 7.5
bomb timer is 45s
round limit 2.5

no round switch, you switch sides after 12 rounds i guess. 24 rounds per map
with both maps played until the finish that's 48 rounds in total

This is how it works in ESL for example and I think it's fine

I am hoping for these to be standard rules.

There is no problem with Tomahawk, it is occasionally useful and fun to use.
The smokes/flashes is fine.

It was:
5 second plant
7.5 defuse
2.5 minutes of a round
60 second bomb timer

This does not have to replicate former Promod rules, its cmMod for Black Ops, not COD4.
But previously there was an issue of adding this into configs which is why I requested new times, if the old times above can be added then thats good, otherwise:

5 second plant
7 defuse
2 minutes of a round
60 second bomb timer

24 rounds for a map to finish with a 12 round switch is WAY too much. 4 round switches keeps the game interesting and a score of 13 because some people have lives and have work or school the next day.

ESL is CTF only, COD4, MW2, BO, are all very different games. I request that you please add all the rules to be standard in cmMod.

Tomahawk is fun to use but cmMod is supposed to be a competitive mod and I personally don't think that tomahawk belongs to that.

ESL is NOT CTF only, don't know where you got that information from.
In COD series there are SnD, TDM, DOM etc with different team size variations.

Bomb timer 60 seconds? Why would you have it like this? It gives additional 15 seconds to what we are used to which means that there will be more slower paced attempts to defuse rather than chaotic/exciting defuse moves. I don't know, we'll need more opinions on the ''bomb timer'' issue.
I agree that we don't have to replicate former promods to exact detail as you've said.

I think we should use the features this game (Black Ops) offers and produce a cmMod that is interesting and new to what we have seen before. eg. promodlive204

Wrong, this is Black Ops not the entire COD series. ESL is only CTF. Bomb timer is fine as 60 seconds, almost every ruleset for SD uses it.

(12-05-2010, 22:22)dsinghc Wrote: Wrong, this is Black Ops not the entire COD series. ESL is only CTF. Bomb timer is fine as 60 seconds, almost every ruleset for SD uses it.

How? It's not dude lol, 1v1 Deathmatch, 1v1 SnD, 2v2 SnD & 5v5 SnD ESL ladders are ON=ACTIVE already but whatever.

Yeh Bombtimer could either be 45 or 60 seconds
round length 1.45m/2m/2.5

And with the rounds...most SnD rulesets use 2x20 or 2x12

the famas and the aug need to be nerfed.

(12-05-2010, 22:41)execute5150 Wrote: the famas and the aug need to be nerfed.

Indeed, their overpowered or basically just the best weapons on the game by far.
They are very, very universal weapons. Something similar to what the UMP45 was in mw2 as it was able to be deadly up close (that being an SMG) and long range with the 35min damage. Basically a tank.

In BO we have Famas & AUG. They have the high ROF and the spraying ability of a crazy SMG and killing potential for medium and long range too as they are AR's.
They could be nerfed by decreasing their ROF from 937RPM to 750RPM.


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