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Juggernaught Mod
[RELEASE] Juggernaught Mod by iGhost

- 2 Teams (Soldiers and Juggernaughts)
- Juggernaughts have 350 Health, Soldiers have 50
- Juggernaughts have a riot shield on back, and one in hand. Soldiers have a Intervention and thumper akimbo
- Juggernaughts can't sprint and speed is reduced to .75
- Juggernaughts have Thermal Vision
- All Killstreaks are set to "none"
- Intervention Does alot more Damage, 2 Headshots for a kill. Not sure what it is for any where else, I think 4, not sure.
- Which ever gun the soldier has in hand gets ammo back, every 7.5 seconds.

-iZ3RO's menu
-Neekokeen (MPGH) For helping me figure out how to edit bullet damage.
-AgentGOD, for be sexy and making a mod loader for all of us to enjoy
-PhantomGamers, alright i dont know why he is in here, I guess its because Ghost and phantom are related, not really, idk.
-Novakane for the Map rotator

-Virus Scan

Attached Files
.rar   Juggernaught Mod.rar (Size: 50.17 KB / Downloads: 90)

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