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Info about suggesting
To keep the mod growing, I need more rolls. To make more rolls, I need suggestions on what to make. To get suggestions on what to make, I need people making them. To have people making them, they might need a template.

You don't necessarily have to use the template beneath. It's just for encouraging you and making your life easier.
Please post without a [Tag] like [Request] for example. If you're posting in this section, I would already know that it's a request.
Marking your thread with a [Tag] will make the whole section unmanageable.

Quote:Thread title:
This could be the roll's name. If you don't know a good name for the roll, you can take a random word with this generator here and make the title like this: "?: Random-word"
This will make it easier for me to sort out threads instead of 70% of them being "Roll idea". It's all optional

Description / code snippet:
If you have a description of the roll and/or some useful code to use, please include it here. I will take care of the rest.

Who do I credit?
When I use someone's roll idea, I will leave credits for it both in-game and in the roll list. If no name is given, I will use the persons ItsMods username.
Again, you don't have to follow the above template. It's just a helper.

All rolls suggested will be added to the official Roll the Dice,
- If they are possible to make in Black Ops
and will be posted here on ItsMods, per 25 rolls made, in the its Release section, along with build (another way to say version) and date released, so you'll know if you missed out on a newer version.

I'm counting on you Heart

Alot of the rolls in Roll the Dice are tributes to other games, movies and viral stuff. (World of Wax, Needle Gun, Spy, Chew Bubblegum, etc.)
If you think that molotov cocktail from GTA is awesome, share the thought!
Same thing if you trip over a cool command in a mod.
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