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Im sad :(
In April mid month I was using Vac chaos 2.10 and was banned Sad
Please wait while I cry
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  • BronXPro
Ye i was banned to but with 2.12
But i dont care about that ban ^^
Who cares?
Please go cry somewere else thanks
No u can cry here I think we've all been banned cry cry
This is now the crying thread
Yea I just got a new cd key I bbt cheated or modded on it got banned for Eva
I got banned for playing legt
I was banned too, log file report 6/7/10 but real ban two week later, also my friend have using latest liberation maybe two mouths before get banned , the strange was when he played a private game was cheat detect not at restart mw2 , but every banhammer i can play online w/ my banned account 2 or 3 hours....
it's so funny w/ custom map hahahah and when all look at the ski telling "waz up" 'cause artillery code i've make genocide.........

when steam is offline reopen mw2 w/out mod and unflaged short lobby itermision and try get online, activate cheat or load mod only if you are the host or will crash and no pub fun...
Keep crying babies Angel

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