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Hey fellas!
Hey everybody, I just came across this site and had to sign up

I'm very interested in modding/mapping. I've made some basic mods, nothing to complicated, but I'm hoping to learn more and maybe make some dope mods... but I'm not creative so it's hard to think of themes or ideas Tongue I'll probably be asking a lot of questions and I'll help others out if I can.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to exploring the site and getting involved

Thanks everyone, have fun
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Hi and have fun on our forum!
Mod loving? always remember to be in the "whatever" mood when you mod because then you don't need to think to much when you mod Big Grin
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Have good time and enjoy your stay.
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plus my rep and hAVE A GREAT TIME
(08-02-2011, 09:38)avanish Wrote: Hey! I am arvind, and I am making a game in Cpp and I have already made a forum. I am looking for some talented coders in Cpp to work in the ...

I must say I'm impressed at your verbal skills.
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