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Help this makes me mad can someone help me
Guys im sry for asking so many questions this just makes me so mad can someone give me code for how to use the angles i add something in onplayerspawned which i dunno and and in init(); i put self thread angles(); and self thread coordinates and thats all i know cna someone help me??
[Image: 2nbvtyo.jpg]
(04-11-2011, 16:47)Tomsen1410 Wrote: what?

Its for making bunkers
[Image: 2nbvtyo.jpg]
No, i mean: what do u mean?
(04-12-2011, 18:09)Tomsen1410 Wrote: No, i mean: what do u mean?

Like what exactly do I need to do to make bunkers without bunker maker?
[Image: 2nbvtyo.jpg]
You mean adding them to a mod ? Well i made it working today, i sent u the mod. If you want to not include the bunkermaker threads take a look at first bunkers folder i sent you
[Image: lQDUjba.jpg]

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