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Help patch_mp.ff error
today i was going to play the multiplayer, joined a random party and an error turned up

patch_mp.ff is diferent from the server

when i saw that error i though it was cuz of the server i wanted to join, but no it keeps hapening in all servers

can anyone help me to find out whats wrong? Sad
steam library -> right click on black ops -> properties -> local files tab -> verify integrity of game cache -> wait -> done
If what dOh told you doesn't work, try backing up your patch_mp.ff, deleting the original one and repeating dOh!'s step
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ive done what doh told me wen it stop verifiyng it sayed: "2 files failed to validate and will be reacquired"
now i ask you guys, if i have a couple of files corrupted and do the same thing. the steam gives me the same files but clean? (like a backup file?)
its funny till someone gets hurt...then its freekin hilarious
yes it will replace broken files
ah nice Smile
its funny till someone gets hurt...then its freekin hilarious

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