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Help can't preorder DLC1 :s
An unexpected error has occurred. Your purchase has not been completed.
Please contact Steam Support.

I filled in all info correctly and want to use paypal..
for some reason its not letting me pay ..

any ideas?
Thats because steam wants you to buy me dlc1 first.
helped ya? rep me +
ahhhhhhh XD
Its most likely to many people are trying to pre order the dlc, this happened to the ps3 users to many people tried downloading the dlc when it came out and the Psn store crashed, but that's just my guess
[Image: mca.png]

contact steam support, i had the same problem and nova too. (not with this dlc but another game earlier)
wait a crack like the 2 DLC in COD 6 Wink
Sorry for my english, i'm from Belgium
Steam ID: Faramire0007
[Image: 2s1aq0o.jpg]
They autodisable your account for any further purchases when they suspect you of fraud or misbehaving (according to the SSA).
Then you get the unexpected error thing even though it's expected.
Always happens to me after I buy something from an itshax.com PayPal address.

The next purchase will fail.
From then on I just started to use iDEAL on Steam.

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