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Help Server Crashing
I dont know what the problem can be,thsi server worked perfectly then the computers got hardware upgrade and since then the server is now crashing every 2 minuts can somebody tell me what can make a server to crash?
Do you have the same problem with other software?
Did you try a reinstall of drivers/mw3 ?
On this computer there is about 7 servers and when they got upgraded we backup the files of the servers and then after the upgrade we copied it back and then started them with the panel about 5 servers running fine and working and there is one server that is a SD PROMOD PUB server that i made is crashing about 2 mins after start when someone join the server,before the upgrade it worked fine and now its crashing and i can't find the prob cuz it worked before and the files didnt change or anything its running the addon 1.114 and the last promod 1.14 and the advencedhud plugin is has mr=12 and map rotate when score reach 12....
Is it crashing without plugins?
Yes is does

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