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Help Need help with MapEdit 1.3
Hey guys, new poster long time reader Big Grin

I have an issue and everything everybody has said hasn't worked. When I restart the server, the floors, walls etc are gone. So I tried doing !nm until the server rotated and then restarted, still didn't save anything. I'm not really sure what the issue is with this plugin or if it's just me, but everything i do the builds doesn't save. I have save=true in the sv_config so that isn't an issue. I PMd the creator but he told me to use bunker.dll instead and not mapedit.dll but how would I do that? Does bunker.dll have different commands? I tried deleting the mapedit.dll but then the !floor, !wall, !ramp etc commands don't work. They just appear in the chat. I tried all bunker versions and can't seem to do anything. The refer.txt is in my plugins folder and the code within that text document is below;

using System;
using Addon;
using MapEdit;

namespace {0}
    public class {0}:MapEdit.MapEdit
        public override void OnMapChange()
            if (GetDvar("mapname") == "{0}")

If there is anyone out there that could personally help with this plugin I would highly appreciate it and show my appreciation. Please add me on Steam: chucky3378

Thanks guys! Oh also I'm talking about this plugin;

Version (but have tried all versions): Bunker 1.3 with MapEdit.rar

No one?

@brett0x0 you need in create dll
  1. using System;
  2. using Addon;
  3. using MapEdit;
  5. namespace Boxes
  6. {
  7. public class Boxes : MapEdit.MapEdit // If I'm right this is spelled correctly
  8. {
  9. public override void OnMapChange() // The event OnMapChange
  10. {
  12. string map = GetDvar("mapname");
  13. if (map == "mp_dome") // In this case I use dome to close off the stairs
  14. {
  15. createfloor(new Vector(-3565f,6502f,81f),new Vector(-3534f,5953f,63f));
  16. CreateWall(new Vector(-3505f,5958f,175f),new Vector(-3574f,5959f,75f));
  17. CreateWall(new Vector(-4217f,6527f,277f),new Vector(-4183f,6526f,51f));
  18. createfloor(new Vector(-3609f,6526f,77f),new Vector(-4295f,6545f,86f));
  19. }
  20. }
  21. }

It' is basic example. Compile it.
credits @99IRock
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Put the 'onMapChange()' to 'onFastRestart()', this can be the problem too.
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Something's really wrong over here. My bunker plugin was made for this specific purpose. Remember that you need to restart server for changes to appear

you don't need to make a .dll with @archit mapedit
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I fixed it, well a friend did. For some reason there was something wrong with the code within mapedit (sorry if decompiling wasn't allowed - I wont share it). Anyways, now when I restart the server it works perfectly. Thank you all for the help.

Just to clarify, restarting, changing map everything didn't work for me before.

And you do realize that the @archit released his code. Just type Mapedit Source in the Search Bar.
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No I did not realize. But hey, thankfully I didn't pay you casper for the .dll file which I offered and it turns out it's free.

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