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Help MW3 Server Plugin
I'm tryin to make a great server and i don't want to disable secondary weapon the (primary is sniper) i need secondary but i don't want that people kill with it so i just wanna disable the damage of it!,i can't find this command in the SD_default so i think somebody can do a plugin for that (i would make it but i can't coding):/
Thanks for your attention!

I don't understand why you let the secondary weapon if you don't want them to kill with it...
It will make them confusing...
But if it still needed i can make that plugin.
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Why not just no ammo for secondary? If you want to disable damage of certain weapons you need to specify which weapons.
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Cause it's a Trickshot server and it needs for trickshotsSmile

it's a Trickshot server and it needs for trickshots

For all Secondary weapon machine pistols hangun others don't need

Oh and that would be great if u turn the damage of the semtext claymore etc flash stun ... except throiwing knife and one more question is that possible to restore the ammo after 30sec to maximum or something i'd be very grateful if u help me and respond thanks for your attention!
For the ammo, there is some unlimited ammo plugin already made on the forum... Just search a bit in the release section and you'll find what you need. (ie: http://www.itsmods.com/forum/Thread-Rele...lammo.html )

For the weapon that you want no damage:
- Make me a list of each weapon/equipment/offand.... that you want with "no damage" (ie: p99, semtex, etc).
- Visit a bit the MW3 forum section and give a "Thank you" to 10 threads that were usefull to you ( just clic the thank you button Wink )
- Then i'll be happy to do this plugin for you.

Cheers Wink
Ahahah Vodka! Let me fly Wink

@JariZ <3 and Thx a lot for the +rep Wink
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Oke thank you but that plugin what u linked me only unlimited ammo and i just wanna get a restore ammo so it makes ammo maximum every 30 sec not for all time and u can reload etc with it
Weapon with no damage:
iw5_usp45, iw5_mp412, iw5_44magnum, iw5_deserteagle, iw5_p99,iw5_fnfiveseven,iw5_fmg9, iw5_g18, iw5_mp9, iw5_skorpion,
bouncingbetty_mp, frag_grenade_mp, semtex_mp, claymore_mp, c4_mp,flash_grenade_mp, concussion_grenade_mp, specialty_scrambler, emp_grenade_mp, smoke_grenade_mp, trophy_mp
But thank you so much for your help <3
I linked you an unlimited ammo plugin, but there are some more plugins for that...
- If you want to refill the ammo every 30 secs, we have to know the amount of ammo for each weapons, ammo and ammoclip (and the same with xmags). If i'm not wrong, nobody done this at the moment... (it takes some time to do it Wink )
So if you get the ammos infos for all weapons, i can implement it.

- About the "thank you" to 10 threads, you thanked 3 post in this tread, but where are the rest? The "thank you" we can see under the threads just hepl to motivate/thank modders for they work. You don't want to spen 10 minutes to do it? Coding the plugin you asked for takes a lot more time.

I have to finish an other plugin before doing this one, so i'll code it tomorrow if i can (and if the 10 thanks are given lol (not to me plz, to other modders)).
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@narkos maybe there is a function that returns weapon ammo clip size.
[Image: azuw.jpg]

@zxz0O0 i'm not sure if i understand correctly the meaning of what you says...
1. You think the is a game function to do that and maybe you can add it to the addon?
2. There is a way to do it with the actual addon?

For now i only get that way to start getting the infos (But it stills need new feature in the addon)

  1. public override OnPlayerSpawned(ServerClient Client)
  2. {
  3. // Get the weapon (primary)
  4. int weapon_id = Client.Other.PrimaryWeapon;
  5. int weapon_ammo = Client.Ammo.PrimaryAmmo;
  6. int weapon_ammo_clip = Client.Ammo.PrimaryAmmo;
  8. // Now how to know the weapon name from the weapon id?
  9. // New function like GetWeaponName(weapon_id) to get the weapon name?
  11. // Then with the weapon name we can found if it has xmags or not
  12. // Then store the ammo's infos.
  13. }
There is WeaponClipSize("weapon_name") in GSC.

Edit: Found ClipSize function, will add in next update.
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