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Help Is there way to run InfinityScript on Steam version?
Hi there. So is there a way to run infinity script on the steam game version (the newest one is 1.9.461 as I remember)? I had looked for a source code and found infscript cs and fourdeltaone cpp files. I suck at C++ but as I understand after iw5m.dll injection DllMain method are called and it's running scriptability methods from InfinityScript's SHManager class. I tried to inject iw5m.dll with LoadLibraryA method of kerel32.dll but nothing  happens. Also I saw some fourdeltaone cracked stuff initialization which is not needed. After starting dedicated server with injection, process just disappear after some time of being in taskmanager. I can paste source if it's needed. 
 I hope this forum is not completely dead and I'll get help x.x
P.S. Also why addon development had been ended in 2012/2013?
 There are much cool functions in infinityscript (that's why I want to use it). MW3 is pretty dead too but... 

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