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Help How to replace Battlechatter and Announcer Sounds?
So, I've used the audio dumper to decompile the raw sounds of the battlechatter sounds and the announcer sounds from thempl_code_post_gfx.english.sabs file and tried to replace the militia announcer and battlechattersounds with the mercs announcer and battlechattersounds from whichI thentried to make it a .sabs file, but it looked kind of off (as in corrupted), so I then tried to use the sound studio, but I found that it's time-consuming and apparently broken as of it's latest update and all links to it's 1.4 version have been taken down.At this point, I'd try any method to replace the militia sounds with the merc sounds.How else can I try to do this?
[Image: P3oRiGZ.png]
Mercs arealwaysthe mostbadass.

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