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Help Banning plugin
Hello, I got a good idea for banning people when they are online.
Most of the times I see people with wierd names, and wierd characters.
So I thought, what if I make a plugin what does :
!clientids - Shows all client ID's (18 players)
!banclient <clientid> - Ban's the current client id online

And for the console it self :
banxuid <xuid> (Because I got a log with lots of xuids, so I can check them later, when they are offline(so the clientid doesn't works) )

It is kinda a request too.
I don't know how the ban actions work.
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Asks for banning plugin -> sets rainbow shortcut

ontopic: sounds nice because it is always hard to kick/ban somebody with weird name. but there will still be a problem with auto-name-pickers, if you know what I mean
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No I don't really know what u mean with thaty, but I choosed for the id's because the command "status" in the console shows the list of all players with xuid and clientid and more info, so I thought that should be usefull for my admins ingame.
Sorry for the rainbow, just pressed it and couldn't get it away now its a ? :p
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The thingy I was talking about is included in 1337 hacks, it picks the name of random person on server after each kill so you will never know which person you actually want to kick
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I think he means a hack which changes your name to someone's else name who is already in the server. So you would have 2 identical names in the same server.

@g-man was faster.
Would be really better if COD was like BF3 when you cannot change your name every fucking second

Not just changing name but doing it constantly so you NEVER know was you kileld by actual person or a cheater who picked his name for a few seconds. A guy with such cheat becomes literally stealth
[Image: r212360a129ce9b84444093b6cd2699013a1fbn155.png]
(11-27-2012, 22:30)G-Man Wrote: Would be really better if COD was like BF3 when you cannot change your name every fucking second

Actually you can. Well normally you can only do it each week but the check is clientside with a cookie. If you enable private browsing you can change it each second if you want to.

+ if you change your name the second after you join a server, you will have a name ingame which people cannot use to find you on battlelog to report you because you have just changed your name.
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Well, but I can check the xuids,, and I will see the xuids so its easy to find him
I just check some xuids with seeking tool, and if i see the same on different names, KABAM, gotcha :p
But I don't think many people will use it on my server :p
[Image: b_560_95_1.png]
[Image: hax0r3ez.gif]

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