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Help APE Essential Questions !
Hi guys, i'm really lost in APE ...

I have a few questions for my project.

First, i don't find the guns is APE (for example the KN-44 for get inspired for the stats of my weapons) where can i see it ? Its a .bulletweapon file ? Juste say me how to see a simple gun (with properties) in APE...

I created a 3D model of a Ray Gun Riffle in Maya, and if i succeed to export it in xmodel than xmodel_bin with export2bin.exe, i want to make him playable in a custom map.

I need those things : How do i change the textures of projectiles shot by my rifle ? With wich software do i create animations like Explosions, shots etc... Or just where the shots and explosion animations of zombies files are ?

Other thing, i want to create a Black Hole Grenade (wich i have already the 3D Model.) and i want to know where the apothicon servant black hole animation is ? (i dont find it in game files)

How do i add the "black hole" effect (wich take in it the zombies) to my grenade ? its a script or what ?

If someones help me and it works, i will be realy realy beholden to him (like little gift in steam for exemple[Image: Pj08SnQ7ZDrWSDlQyDg3NjU0M3MyMTrK5lnIMFgv...GChoEAOw==]) BECAUSE ITS TOO HARD WITHOUT FKING YOUTUBE TUTORIALS

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