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Hello OG ItsMods users, just a HI from ???
Haha good old days, when I was a kid in black ops 2 days, maybe some of you remember me, but yeah wanted to say HI again,it has been around 6-8 years since i've visited this website

Its your boy, IVANKEC .

Doing YouTube content and in currently a player in a Fortnite as a competitive role, search me up on YouTube (my name), you'll remember the Ivankec kid with the fashion mods hahahahaha.

How is your life going guys, hopefully there are still some OG people who I remember.

Love you all Heart

Don't even care if real or fake, welcome back to the fashion site.

EDIT: Haha looked it up, it's actually you.

For old times sake, some links to the old profiles @Ivankec @Ivankec123

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