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He Who Deceives
Hi everyone! I have no idea how I found this site, but I used to visit mpc when I played MW2 and just had to join when I saw Nova and doh on here.
I'm a fan of stat hacks, "pro" balacing(Really just polishing the game a bit by removing some annoyances. Like in mw2; akimbo g18s, tubes, claymores, etc) and only approve of using auto aims to troll.

Besides gaming, I go to school and workout. All in all, I'm glad to see that a new site has started up and hopefully this will be my new home.
In Zyzz we trust, Amen

|||"Oats and Squats", The breakfast of Athletes|||
|||"D-Bol", The Breakfast of Champions|||

Hello and welcome to our great Community, enjoy and have fun

Welcome, I welcome you

beware of the Gorrilla

Hes dangerous, Welcome to lolll

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