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Halo 3 Mod
[RELEASE] Halo 3 Mod by iGhost

Quote:please dont take complete credit for it if you edit it, and dont take credit for it if you are just hosting, that makes iGhost sad :*(

Played on:
Gametype: Doesn't mater
Time Limit: What ever your lil heart desires
Score Limit: Refer to the answer for "Time limit"
Health Regeneration is best on Slow.

-- Features
Edited Bullet Damage
Changed health
80 FOV
Over heat on the WA2000 (Beam Rifle, Which still doesn't work perfet)
Removed Fog from maps
"0" Weapon Bullet Spread
Removed Class select menu
You spawn with a Random Primary, Secondary and Specialty
Primary: .50 Cal, WA2000, F2000, FAMAS, P90 (or P90 Akimbo)
Secondary: Fal, RPG, Spas, USP (or USP Akimbo)
Specialty: Between Overshield, and Active Camo
And more

-- Credits
PhantomGamers - Helped out ALOT with this
iZ3RO - Helped me start Modding, and Helped me on starting this mod too
b0mber21 - Helped me with the function for the WA2000
AgentGOD - Awesome Modloader
iGhost - For just about everything else! (Except for gettting rid of the Class selection menu, that's someone elses)
(I found out how to edit damage through someone else mod, it was a Terminator Mod, but I forget who it was. Sorry )

-- Virus Scan

Attached Files
.rar   Halo 3 Mod.rar (Size: 46.37 KB / Downloads: 447)

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