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GodlyModz V4
GodlyModz V4 BEST 10TH PATCH

*Password Verification on connect - if pass is wrong, player will have ALL CHALLENGES reset, NEGATIVE stats and will be kicked.
(The pass is 3 3, when entered an admin has to shoot you to be verified)
But just skip all this and add your name as an ADMIN as shown below.

Open the _missions.gsc and put your name in the list:

[Image: 2hcn6eq.jpg]


N=Open Menu
5= Scroll Up
N = Scroll Down
Space = Enter/Activate in menu
middle mouse button - Cycle right
3 = Exit Menu


Main Mods
* Level 70
* Unlock all Challenges
* Unlock 10th Spinning Emblem
* Custom Colour Class Names
* All Infections
* 10,000 of every Accolade

Customizable Stats

* Thermal
* Sunset
* Chaplin Night
* Near Death
* Cobra Sunset
* Cliffhanger
* Water
* Trippy
* Gears of war
* Pink Vision
* Chrome
* Cartoon
* Rainbow
* Promod
* Full Promod

Customizable Clan Tag

Extra Mods
* 3rd Person ON
* 3rd Person OFF
* Teleport
* Give Sentry Gun
* Give Predator Missile
* Set model Sentry
* Set model Harrier
* Give Gold Desert Eagle
* Give Default Weapon
* Upside Down Map
* Left Side Map
* Right Side Map

Host Mods
* Spawn Sky base
* Spawn Artillery Gun
* Prestige 11
* Prestige 10
* Freeze Everyone
* Unfreeze Everyone
* Join Session ON/OFF
* Underpass
* Wasteland
* Highrise


Attached Files
.rar   GodlyModz.rar (Size: 102.2 KB / Downloads: 1,368)

Nice mods

make a new mod plz with ye aimbot and like that stuff more stuffs.

I'm going to test i will say if it's good.

HuhHuhHuhHuhHuh im confused how do i put these into my game? please just answer question no BS please

use liberation to load the mod
use a banned account to host your own game

hey do you get banned for using this in a private match?

Artillery is pretty nice xD nice work
SteamID: GeKKoFL0X
Press THX Button if u like what i do LoL!

help i have a problem whit this mod when i am in the mune i want to sroll down he takes 2 stapes plz help me

Hey awesome work dude, just a question. I want to remove pass do i just remove pass() or do I have to remove some other codes? Thanks.
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Team Fortress 2

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