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Get sad on the cheap with Tale of Tales' pay-what-you-want
[Image: graveyard1029.jpg]

Quote:Tale of Tales is celebrating the Day of the Dead this weekend with a sale on its three games, which are all sober, quiet meditations on -- what else -- sugar skulls death. Through November 2, you can pay any price you want, from $3 up, for The Path, The Graveyard and Fatale bundled together.

There is some motivation to pay more than the minimum (beyond it being pretty crass to lowball an indie like that) -- there's a "special surprise" in store for anyone who pays more than $50 for the bundle (which is regularly priced at $22). You'll also be motivating Tale of Tales to complete its latest ... tale, The Book of 8, as earnings from this sale will go toward the game's development.

Yeah right, pay what you want. There once was this Humble Indie Bundle ( http://www.wolfire.com/humble )
Which really was pay what you want. Got 5 games (from which I already owned World of Goo) for $0.01. Now those games that I didn't already own are open source. GREAT. Paid 1 cent for sourcecodes.

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