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Gday From Aus
hey guy's my name's Hector im 21 ,work as a computer technician and live in NSW Australia i've been on the fourm's for awhile and thought i'd seek other aussie modder's to relate with ,also a would like to promote the gaming community im am a part of, http://www.brothersingaming.com.au/ or =BiG= is sponsored by =UGN= we are a mix of AUS/NZD we hav 6 blackops server's two unranked servers and server's for most other good games out there ie'COD4,BC2,CSS,ect..'
we have a puplic teamspeak server that we can have unlimited member's and its full of great guy's that have been helping out with the fps community scince dayone,also i would love to see some aus moders come in and have a chat we need more guy's who can code at the moment we have 3 guy's that are up for makeing mods know how and are great to get along with, we just want to see more aussie's geting into it xD

My steam is rotceh_dnih please add me if your aussie and would like to check out our community

thank's for reading

Hey nice to see more people from Aus on this forum, Welcome to Itsmods Big Grin
hi hector, please keep in mind for the future that advertising is not allowed here.
due to the reason that its a clan board i think its okay

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