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G-Mod [BOX]
Hi all,

Need help in one theme...
14 May 2011 I'm going to release G-Mod [BOX] with all the mods i will do till this date + 4 extra mods i will not release apart from G-Mod [BOX].

How do you think - is it a good idea to release mods in one package, or i should not do any packages and just release all mods and extra mods apart from each other?

Thx, G-Man.
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I'd say release for every line you code. Some certain people do that already.
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just do what u feel like doing, but remember that modtools are closeby
you know, i even wait those tools, cuz im newbie at gsc but worked 3 years with source sdk, if there come tools it will be much easier to work
though more people could do mods >_<
lol sry for stupid question... AZU HAS 3 STARS?! o_O lulz 7 stars rewarded
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