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Commando troops multiplayer replacement
well what this mods does it what it says above it replaces the speanaz for the Commando troops from person no granta and survival mode

if you dont know what im talking about go here

to install this just put the upper_body and lower_body in iw_04 and the hands in iw_06

Link for to trade Airborne for commando troops:!QEgShSIY!pW-m3vFnho...lAxX7zStV4

Link for to trade Arctic for Commando troops:!BcIjWBzQ!rIzwn2dF3O...J5g4drwkT4

Link for to trade Russian Military for Commandos troops:!IN4zzKIZ!SP50PSUS-o...QTuz6vf6T4

Link for to trade Woodland for Commando troops:!JBhinB6I!Jsd90GL1Rs..._q0hOcP_eU

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