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Fun thing to play around with.

                self waittill ( "grenade_fire", grenade, weaponName );
                grenade_origin = grenade.origin;
                grenade_angles = grenade.angles;
                    grenade_origin = grenade.origin;
                    grenade_angles = grenade.angles;
                    wait 0.05;
                a = AnglesToForward( grenade_angles );
                location1 = array(    (a[0]*30,     a[1],         a[2]),
                                    (a[0]*21,    a[1]*21,     a[2]),
                                    (a[0]*13,     a[1]*13,     a[2]*13),
                                    (a[0],         a[1]*21,     a[2]*21),
                                    (a[0],         a[1],         a[2]*30),
                                    (a[0]*21,     a[1],         a[2]*21),
                                    (a[0],         a[1]*30,     a[2]),
                                    (a[0]*-30,     a[1],         a[2]),
                                    (a[0]*-21,    a[1]*-21,    a[2]),
                                    (a[0]*-13,     a[1]*-13,     a[2]*-13),
                                    (a[0],         a[1]*-21,     a[2]*-21),
                                    (a[0],         a[1],         a[2]*-30),
                                    (a[0]*-21,    a[1],         a[2]*-21),
                                    (a[0],         a[1]*-30,     a[2]),
                                    (a[0]*21,    a[1]*-21,    a[2]),
                                    (a[0]*-21,    a[1]*21,    a[2]),
                                    (a[0],         a[1]*21,     a[2]*-21),
                                    (a[0],         a[1]*-21,     a[2]*21),
                                    (a[0]*-21,    a[1],         a[2]*21),
                                    (a[0]*21,    a[1],         a[2]*-21),
                                    (a[0]*-13,     a[1]*13,     a[2]*-13),
                                    (a[0]*-13,     a[1]*13,     a[2]*13),
                                    (a[0]*-13,     a[1]*-13,     a[2]*13),
                                    (a[0]*13,     a[1]*-13,     a[2]*13),
                                    (a[0]*13,     a[1]*-13,     a[2]*-13),
                                    (a[0]*13,     a[1]*13,     a[2]*-13)    );
                    location2 = (location1[i][0]*1000, location1[i][1]*1000, location1[i][2]*1000);
                    if(!BulletTracePassed( grenade.origin, grenade_origin+(location2), false ))
                            MagicBullet( "gl_m16_mp", grenade_origin, grenade_origin+location2, self );

Will make grenades spew more grenades upon exploding.
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Make it more like this:
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how add it into the game?

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