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Class maker mod thing not working from ethenol
Hey everyone I need help because when i configure my load out class (with ethenol mod maker) and press write i get this error that says "unhanded exception has occurred in your application if you click continue. continue the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue if you click quit the application will close immediately" "access to the path c program files activision call of duty blackops mod maps mp game types rank gsc. is denied. I have update 4 bocmc is version 1.00 im using BO loader 0.7 and its mods loader is 5057 or something. I have to run bocmc and Bo loader together in order to play black ops without my classes and when i run BO loader by itself it crashes and mod loader by its self it crashes?!?! I play with the bots with the basic 3 classes lvl 1 rank and with all the same weapons you get when your level 1.

I went to techno gods and they didnt know D:
what I DO WRONG??!?!?!
Could it be that my Vac isnt off?!
code of your _rank.gsc? maybe we will take a look?
Do you play on cracked version?
or buy the legit version of the game, then you get support
cant say i have the cracked version cause talking about that stuff can get you in trouble. nudge
well thats why itsmodsloader is no longer supporting cracked copies

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