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CSS: Jail Break Out
This is the release of CSS Jail Break Out!!!

What is Jail Break out?

Jail Break out is a teambased mod with 2 teams, The Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorist. At the start of the game starts everyone like a Terrorist afther 20 secondes choose an automatic Teampicker between 1-4 players depends on the number of players in the game.
The Terrorist have to knife all players and they win, the Counter-Terrorist have to defend the Jail and got weapons to shoot the Terrorists down if all Terrorist die the Counter-Terrorist Win. Everyone got only 1 life.

What objectives are in the map?

In every map there are 2 jails 1 for the Counter-Terrorists and 1 for the Terrorists.
On some maps there are Health Boxes, Ammo Boxes and Gun Boxes.
Alot of maps have some Special Effects like shooting sniper, flames and guns.

Which Maps are avaible to play?

-Karachi (don't play this map with bad internet connection)
-Sub Base


-There is an automatic Map switch system so u dont have to go back to ur lobby
-No Bugs atm
-Play this on gametype Team DeathMatch
-Reconnection Prevention system
-Own custom map and with custom spawns
-Vip System for friends




--{MW2U}MadlyDead for Making 2 Maps
--Einar300 for Ideas and Feedbacks
--Met PL for some usefull Codes and Great Help
--TheSaboteur for Helping with Doors
--KillingDyl for his Mapping Tools

Tnx for Downloading and enjoy the mod!

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.rar   Jail Break Out.rar (Size: 40.89 KB / Downloads: 357)

ohh yhea =D sweet still love the modd

Mods great a lil laggy if played with full lobby some bugs but is ok

Sounds cool Smile

Epic mod Smile

my vid =D xD

haha this getting fun

I tried but it doesnt work for me ;( idk why, its console says that it has to load models but i tried alot of maps and none off them will load it ;(
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