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Bounty Hunter
Hello My name is NeckTop if you dont know me i made a couple of mods none got released so this is my first Released mode Hooray Smile in mods i made there is a driveable car hunter mod(nemesis killer) and hide n seek but again Not gonna release them for now.

So Bounty Hunter mod :
2 Teams: Bounty hunters and Rouges.
Bounty Hunters:
-Can shoot only 1 random person from the other team(has a skull on his head and there is a target sign on the screen).
-Has an intervention and ump45.

-Has upgraded speed
-Can shoot all
-Has a tac knife magnum no shots.

-Graphics changed to reduce lags.
-Point system.

Basicly its a realy fun mod have fun playing it.
Opinions of pepole:
4FunPlayin- "Awful game i lost 0-7 to a bounty hunter".
Rowan- ''Great gameplay, bug free, good coding by good coders ''
GoldenKnife: "I saw cool mods, but this is something beyond cool".
4Funs opinion isnt negative its just well friendly lol.

Myself- Coded this mod alone(with a litle help) was realy hard.
TrashMetal- The idea and some codes(minor).
Nukem- 1 Bug fix.

Bugs Known(gonna get updated and fixed soon):
-Weapons are dropping so pepole can take them.
-If your target disconnects it doesent switch one.

Update for bugfixes tommorow Smile
Have fun all.

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.rar   BountyHunter.rar (Size: 28.5 KB / Downloads: 223)

LooksTLooks fun I'll take alook at it

gna try it out later Smile

Take alook at the thread I started bout disabling dropping weapons then thank me

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