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Bo2 Modding help
I would like to know if you could try to help me get a mod menu on Call of Duty Black Ops II Wii U. I know you're thinking it's impossible but It's not, and I have proof, I've even been in his lobbies before. Also, he made a video about opening Wii U FastFiles (.ff files) which have gsc's in them with kokoles ff decryptor, but it wouldn't work for me. I dumped the entire game and have all the files so it's not my files, even when I used the file he used that I downloaded it wouldn't work. He said something about it being specially compiled. Basically, since I have the whole bo2 game dumped onto my pc, and I have a program called Cafiine which is for wii u game file replacement, would you help me get a working gsc mod menu? Even a FF viewer would help me greatly, as I can't do anything at the moment. If you're willing to help, please contact my skype - itsadam300, or tell me yours and I'll add you. Thanks alot if you can help.

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