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Banned Combat Training
Ok so iv'e just been banned. Does not really bother me that much since Black Ops isnt really that good of a game, But i still enjoy Combat Training. So is there a way for me to play Combat Training even tho im banned? I have looked online but have not really found anything..
Thanks. And btw, if the thread is in the wrong section, please move it Smile
as far as i know - no
there is a way to play Combat Training but you need to change executable and steem.dll into BO, look out for some "skidrow" relase or easy way Run steam offline in "emu" mode.
Let us know wich metode is working for you....... or ask d0h! how buy a new chip key is better
since we dont support any cracking method(s) or pirated copies the answer is no.
pray to god, he may help you!!
Isnt it possible to make a tool like MW2 liberation but for black ops? so we can play private matches/combat training even tho we are banned.. Would be nice.

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