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Arma 2 Spare key for dayz?!
hey guys,

anyone got a spare arma 2+OA key or an account that you dont need/not using a lot to share, spare or gift.

i want to test dayz a bit before i am going to waste money on it
yea someone bought it for me and even though i though i wouldnt like it its been maybe the most immersive multiplayer experiences ive had , A+ concept
well honestly i just want to try it out tomorrow (saturday) because i need to relax tomorrow Like a sir
nice thanks, pm sent
Are there any ru keys for that? Want to buy it too.

EDIT: Should i buy ARMA 2 or wait for the standalone Version
[Image: compiling.png][Image: aLKA8og_460sa.gif]
anyone else might share his acc?
@GravzyHD no PM, no email, nothing

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