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you don't find your mod on this list, or there is a bad url? sent me a pm and i will add this, maybe forgot or bad copy/paste.

it is a summary of all the mods playable available on www.itsmods.com.

CATEGORIES Links with name of the mod (and name of the creator of post)

Heliwar (alistair3149)
Gunship Battle (AZUMIKKEL)
Heli war (met94)

Dog 'n HIND (Silmirael)
Dog War! (4FunPlayin)
Spas with Dragon's Breath (zxz0O0)

RCXD Race Mod (Nukem, Eekhorn, alistair3149)
RCXD Racing (waffles)
Marked Man (AZUMIKKEL)
RC Car Mod (Silmirael)

SNIPER MOD (skata3000)
skata's sniper mod 2.0 (skata3000)
SniperMod (House)
iSnipe (alistair3149)
SnIIp (Ivankec)
SnipeMod (sliver)
Sniper mod (Deathmax)

Combat training
Enhanced Botz (alistair3149)
Easy XP Modifier + Prestige in CT (mitchhacker)

PoW Zombie Mod (buggy) (justinpk)
Zombie Epidemic Mod Beta (lemon)
AI Survival Beta v0.21 (cyborgking)
Marked Man (azumikel)
ProtectTheking Zombie Madness
XZombieMod by Se7en (Se7en)
ItsZombieMod (Alistair3149)
Ivankec's Zombie Mod (Ivankec)
Zom-b mod (No one)
Zombie Mod by KartofelPL (Met94CIPKA)
ProGamerZ Zombie mod(Superbomb 17)

last survivors zmod (No one)

Randomizer Mod (srk)
Fulfilled Gungame V1 (Alistair3149)
Leipe GunGame (Dountill)
ItsGunGame (azumikkel)
Reverse Gun Game (SparkyMcSparks)
SanX GunGame Mod (d0h!)
GoldenWrapper's Shotgun Battle Mod!!! (goldenwrapper)
Team Tactical Gungame by zxz (zxz0O0)

=BiG=Pistol's Mod (rotceh_dnih)

Melee Mod v1 (Scripts18)
Knife Mod (Ivankec)
KnifeMod (Kornik755)

Explosive, intense and fun
Knife Mod (wezljkz)
Awesome Streaks mod (dddaaaave)
Grim Reaper Warz V1 (Robyrq)
Fun Mod by Ivankec (Ivankec)
Rkaf's Rape Mod v0.2 (rkaf)
Speed Kills (OneUp03)
RocketMod (Blackout612)

Make 'em Fall v0.7 (iAegle)
RPG minigun mod ( Orangepl)
M1911 Ray Gun Mod ( Ivankec)

Trolol Mod ( Ivankec)
Hide & Seek (AZUMIKKEL)
HideAndSeek Mod (Tomsen1410)
Ghost Mod (No one)

Roll the dice
Hunting Season (d0h!)

RollTheDice (Eekhorn)[/color]
Roll the killstreak (OrangePL)
Azumikkel's Roll The Dice (AZUMIKKEL)
Roll The class (OneThatWalks)

Like promod COD 4
Roll the killstreak (OrangePL)
PromodMAX beta v3.0 by boma
CmMod 3.6 (eekhorn)
kProMod CG 1.6 (koil)
xabolts (thre3pi)
xKMod | Competitive Mod | BETA v1.5

Gametype, objective, roleplay
PromodMAX beta v3.0 (boma)
Hunters Vs VampiresBig Grin (birdplane)
AI Survival Beta 0.1 ( Cyborgking)
Team Fortress 2 mod beta (master131)
The Hidden (met94)
Aliens vs Marines (AZUMIKKEL)
KID MOD (Blackout612)
Old School Mod(e) (iAegle)

Mutant Mod (Ivankec)
Juggernouts VS Black Ops (@Ivankec)
Protect the king (@Eekhorn)
ProtectTheKing Zombie Madness (@black_iceeee)
WAR (@Eekhorn)
Project Nova group VS n00b tubers (@OrangePL)
Team Fortress 2 Mod BETA (@master131)
Teen Vampire Mod (@Lemon)
Awesome Classes modV3.1 (@ddaavvee)
presidents vs secret service beta v.2 (@Pro_snipah)
Battle Royal (@ozzy2)

Slow Motion
Cops vs robbers (@iBanana)
Silent Mod (@Ivankec)
SloProV1.9 Beta By =BiG=|Hector|® (@rotceh_dnih)
SnIIp Slow motion mod (@Ivankec)

Experience, other
Slow Motion Mod (@Ivankec)
Asteroids Mini-game (@d0h!)
Freezetag Mod v.1.1 (@d0h!)
UltimateEnvironment (@JariZ)
3D Holographic RADAR by Lost 4468 (@Lemon)
Freezetag Mod v1.1 (@d0h!)
Atomics Minigun Mod (@Kriege203)

Tomahawk Mod (@Ivankec)
Tomahawk Deathmatch (@blackout612)
Japan Mod (@rotceh_dnih)
Grenade ”SymphonyNade v2.0” Training Mod (symphony)
World War 2 Mod Beta 1.0 (@mitchhacker)
Map Editor 0.7 (@Scripts18 & @JariZ)
lSkybase (@d0h!)
Nadetraining (@Eekhorn)
Sorry for my english, i'm from Belgium
Steam ID: Faramire0007
[Image: 2s1aq0o.jpg]
Very useful.

Thank you very much.
nice overview
thanks, this thread is much appreciated
Good thread! now I dont have to use the search all the time Big Grin
(08-10-2011, 12:58)Pozzuh Wrote:
Se7en Wrote:Stealed, from cod4 mod ...
look who's talking

[Release] Old School Mod v2.2
[Release] Scroll menu

great great great list !!! keep it updated!!
lol, try download cmMod =D
I didn't realise there were so many mods out for Black Ops.
Thanks, nice list you have there (:
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yeh good for assassinate3d, now he knows what to copy Wink
(02-27-2011, 20:59)d0h! Wrote: yeh good for assassinate3d, now he knows what to copy Wink


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